Zakir Khan- The ‘Boy Next Door’ Who Resides In The Hearts Of People

By: Team | September 19, 2017
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Zakir Khan- The ‘Boy Next Door’ Who Resides In The Hearts Of People

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“No one has the power to shatter your dreams unless you give it to them.” -Maeve Grayson.

Comedian by nature, cartoon by heart, writer by profession and entertainer by birth. This is how Zakir Khan likes to describe himself. He is the winner of various comedy shows like ‘Foster’s LOL Evenings’ and ‘Best Stand-Up Comic of India’ and a celebrated member of the famous channel ‘On Air With AIB’.  Zakir Khan, in true terms, is living the life he has established for himself.

An Insight Into The Past:

Zakir Khan’s grandfather moved to Indore, Madhya Pradesh from Rajasthan. He was born on 20th August 1987 in Indore to parents Ismail Khan and Kulsum Khan. He gives the credit to his father for supporting him and for keeping the little family humble in its ways. Coming from a musical background, Zakir has a diploma in Sitar.

Life success story of Zakir who has also a diploma in Sitar

He was never much interested in getting a college degree and hence he moved to Delhi to pursue radio producing, where he first experienced loneliness. Also, he was bullied since childhood for his complexion and looks.

  • Zakir moved out after doing the show for a year and moved to Jaipur to intern. Initially, he faced a bit of opposition from the family, but his passion kept him intact and he regained the family support.
  • “I stopped taking money from home after I got done in Jaipur. I didn’t have a job, but lied at home that I did,” Zakir says. He did a number of odd jobs to keep himself fed. Zakir earned cash to pay rent by playing the sitar.
  • He eventually realized he could use his skills earned while doing radio shows and that’s how he landed up in stand-up comedy. Although he was down-staged within just two minutes of his first performance, Zakir didn’t give up and went on to win the ‘India’s Best Stand-Up Comedian’ in 2012.

His Early Years of Fame

Till 2015, Zakir became a well-known face among the Delhi comedy circuit. One of his friends referred him to the AIB team, who was in search of a Hindi writer. This is how he ended up with his big break. The journey went on from writing to performing live shows. According to the audience, watching Zakir perform was similar to sitting in their living rooms and relaxing. The anecdotes he takes from his personal life in his acts makes them very relatable to people. Since his act on 15th November 2014, he has been on a blast among the viewers.

story of zakir khan is a success story example

A Life Loaded With Achievements:

“The harder the struggle, the more glorious the triumph.”

  • He is a different character in each of his shows. He has worked with many ace comedians of the country and hosted various shows.
  • In 2015, he shot for the television episode of AIB along with Tanmay Bhat, which gained him nationwide popularity. Later in the same year, he did shows like ‘Forced To Be Single’ in Mumbai and ‘Handle with Care in January 2016.
  • Zakir has performed in Singapore, Malaysia, and Philippines. To sign off, he says, “Everyone feels ignored. We just need to be nice to each other.”

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Zakir Khan’s life is all about how a teenage boy struggled to make his way through all hardships to make the whole country laugh about it. He also never forgets to mention the enthusiasm of his family which actually helped him survive the glitters of a different world for a middle-class family like his.


Zakir Khan mentions in his latest hit ‘Haq Se Single’ that “Bhai tumhara warrior hai!” And truly, “A Warrior Does Not Give Up.”

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