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Top Youngest Entrepreneurs of India 2016-2017

Top youngest entrepreneurs - Inspiring story on Youngest Entrepreneurs

Youngest Entrepreneurs in India – Looking for a list of top young entrepreneurs in India of 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 of India? If yes then Drilers are here for you. Success is the sum of the small efforts, repeated day in and day out. Dedication and passion towards a specific thing can take you a long way. Successful people do not just get success, they try their best and put the extreme efforts to get it.

Here we will discuss the stories of the youngest entrepreneurs in India who did something out of the box and are now successful. They can be your ultimate source of inspiration to do anything great in life.

Youngest Entrepreneurs of India

Young Entrepreneurs of India and Their Innovations

Usually, teenagers and a 20 something spends their time in figuring out what to do with their life. But there are some youngsters who are determined enough to something extraordinary in a specific field. And we have these people in abundance in our country. Their stories will definitely motivate and inspire you to do something not only in the business but anywhere in any field.

The list of Top Young Entrepreneurs in India 2016 -2017

What is even more important than seeing a dream is to work on it with the utmost efforts and dedication to make it true. You might have seen a lot of people with a plan but they often fail because of the lack of proper execution and dedication. Here, we have brought you some stories of the young people who are now successful entrepreneurs and also a source of inspiration for many.

Ritesh Agarwal (OYO rooms founder) (best Young Entrepreneur in India)

Ritesh Agarwal - OYO rooms founder

OYO rooms have become a common name among the people who like or have to travel a lot. The reason behind the popularity of these rooms is that you will get a better room with facilities at an affordable rate. The face behind this room is a teenager from Orrisa who faced a lot of difficulties and failures before coming out with this brilliant concept. His hard work, brilliant idea and its execution have made him now a successful businessman at such a tender age. Below listed are some of his achievements over the years.

  • He is the first resident Asian to win 20 under 20 Thiel fellowships in 2013.

To know more about his success journey read his full story here.

Trishneet Arora (Indian Mark Zuckerberg) (Another Young Entrepreneur of India)

Trishneet Arora is famously known as India’s Mark Zuckerberg and this name is given for the most appropriate reasons. He has all the skills and qualities that make him the successful entrepreneurs of our country. He is not only famous in our nation but worldwide for his extraordinary talent. With his talent and dedication towards the computers, he is now earning crores at just the age of 23. He works for various high authorities as a professional hacker for the security purpose.

To know more about him read his full story. 

Srikant Bolla (CEO of a 50 crore company) (Most Inspirational young entrepreneur in India)

Srikant Bolla is CEO of a 50 crore company- Most Inspirational young entrepreneur

Srikant Bolla Inspiring Journey

To be born with any kind of physical disability has not a very good reputation in our country because of the narrow mindsets of some people. But then there are some people like Srikant Bolla who fights every hurdle in between success and manage to get success anyhow. With the constant support of his family and his dedication, he now owns a company worth 50 crores. And he is making every step possible to make the life of disabled people really easy.

For more information about his success journey read his full story.

Bhavish Aggarwal (CEO of OLA cabs)

Bhavish Aggarwal- CEO (OLA Cabs)

There are no chances that you would not have heard about this amazing taxi service in India. Bhavish Aggarwal is the founder of this amazing and cost-effective traveling service who is a young boy from Bombay. Before implementing this idea he also started an online holiday and tour planning service but that did not work out very well due to some reasons. Ankit Bhati also helped him a lot to start this company in the initial years. Bhavish Aggarwal is currently the CEO of the OLA cabs. For more info Refer his full  story. 

Arjun Rai (Founder of Odyssey ads)

Arjun Rai- Founder of Odyssey ads

Arjun Rai (Founder Odyssey Ads)

Arjun Rai is the face behind the successful venture called Odyssey ads that caters all the necessary needs of the present advertisement generation. He founded his entrepreneurial skills at the very tender age of 7 by handling the family business.


Above mentioned are the stories of the young businessman who managed to get success with the utmost dedication and efforts. They sure met with failures and other hurdles. But they rose over everything and the end result was a success. Their stories can be your inspiration to do something great in your life as well. So, go through these inspiring stories and find something to do better in your field or different.

If you know more about this person, feel free to reach us and you can share the information and we’ll ensure that your contribution gets sufficient room on our website.

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