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Visually impaired 23 year old owns 50 crore Firm (Srikanth Bolla)

A story of Srikanth Bolla of fighting against the society and odds

Srikanth Bolla is CEO and founder of Bollant Industries.

Srikanth Bolla Inspiring Journey

It is nothing less than a curse to be born with any abnormality especially in the society we live in. But some people rise above the odds and tend to achieve what most of the normal people cannot do. Srikanth Bolla is one of the persons who has managed to achieve the greatest success and now is an inspiration to many. Being born as a blind child, not only him but his parents also suffered a lot. Many neighbors and relatives even suggested smothering him to reduce the future pains. But to their credit, they did not listen to any one of them and raised him well.


True Inspiring Journey of Srikanth Bolla

Srikanth Bolla ( CEO and founder of Bollant Industries)

Twenty-three years later, Srikanth Bolla is standing tall living by his conviction that if the “world looks at me and says, ‘Srikanth, you can do nothing,’ I look back at the world and say I can do anything.” Now, he is the CEO of the Hyderabad-based Bollant Industry that employs the uneducated and disable persons to manufacture the eco- friendly and disposable consumer packaging solutions which are worth 50 crores.

A story of fighting against the society and odds

You might have come across a lot of inspirational stories, but there is something unique that makes Srikanth’s story truly inspirational. Srikanth’s was not only born blind but also in a poor family that is even worse especially in our society. He then faced a lot of problems while growing up; he was not allowed to play and opt the subjects of his own choice because of the disability.  But he entirely came out of the dark clouds of misfortune he was born with. Our society has put a set of various limits that make it even more difficult for disabled persons to do something. But, Srikanth’s did not lose hope at all, and at 18 he was the first international blind student to be admitted to the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the US.

Srikanth Bolla’s Achievements

This was just the beginning of his success, and then he kept on achieving various milestones.

  • Now,  Srikanth has four production plants, one each in Hubli (Karnataka) and Nizamabad (Telangana), and two in Hyderabad (Telangana).
  • Another plant, which will be one hundred percent solar operated, is coming up in Sri City, an integrated business city in Andhra Pradesh, 55 km from Chennai.
  • Now, he is known by many for his excellent work and achievements. And the people working with him have all praises for him.
  • One of his employee at the interview said – “Srikanth is a true source of my inspiration. He is not only my young friend and protégé but is also my mentor who teaches me daily that anything is possible if you set your mind to it.”

Do something good, and it will come back to you

You might have heard this phrase a lot of times but do you ever follow it? This is the root of the problem; people are mature enough to understand the condition of the society but are immature to do anything about it. But people like Srikanth Bolla take a much-needed step and do something great for the community. He is indeed a blessing to the disabled people who would not have done anything without his constant support and effort. So, if you will do something right, it will come back to you no matter what.

Moral of the Story

Some people think about changing the world. And then there are people like Srikanth Bolla who do something about it. He is a real inspiration for many. If he can achieve success and do well for the society, then anyone can.

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