Vilas Nayak Story Of An Indian Musical Painter That Will Leave You Spell Bound

By: Team | July 4, 2017
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Vilas Nayak Story Of An Indian Musical Painter That Will Leave You Spell Bound

Top Indian Painters - Vilas Nayak

Vilas Nayak Story of an Indian Musical Painter that will leave you spellbound –  Each person is blessed with some kind of a talent. We just need to identify it and implement it in the right direction to avail the best results. Same is the story of Asia’s fastest painter Vilas Nayak. He is now an inspiration to the millions who once was an unknown person in a small village.

Inspirational story of Vilas

The brush strokes with the soothing music playing in the background and within the blink of an eye, you would see a masterpiece of art. Such is the charm and talent of Vilas Nayak. It would not be wrong if we call him a magician. He definitely has the capacity to hold anyone spellbound witnessing him live.

The Initial phase of his life

Nothing ever comes easily to anyone unless you are determined and passionate enough to get it. Vilas always was passionate about the painting but he didn’t stop his education. While most of the parents complain about not pursuing education alongside, his educational journey is also an inspiration to many.

He began his career as HR in an export company then he shifted to IBM in the Department of talent management. This was when he realized about his own talent. On working in the corporate world he said, there are a lot of people who do not have work. I was having a lot of it. I think the latter is better.” He added, “But I was enjoying the journey which was absolutely busy.”

Hurdles that came in the way

The whole success story of Vilas is highly inspirational but what makes his journey even more special is that he didn’t have any resource to learn. Today, children get professional teachers, online resources to learn and do something great but this was not the scenario in Vilas’s life.

Growing up in a small village Ujire, Dakshina Kannada district he said, “I never got the opportunity to use resources like YouTube, to learn the art of speed painting, until I began to work in Bangalore after my post-graduation; we never even had a television at home for that matter. But I was never afraid to learn it all by myself and do it in my own ways all the years until then. I had already participated in various National Level Competitions by then. I don’t see any reason why someone shouldn’t do what he/she wants to, just because he/she doesn’t have someone to teach.”

Vilas Nayak Inspirational story

The Turning point in Vilas’s Life

The major turning point in Vilas’s life was when he participated in the famous talent show, India’s got talent. All of his years of hard work and dedication paid off when his talent was recognized in the show. Though he didn’t win the show still the fame he got is history now. All his sacrifices were worth when he started getting invitations from the shows across the world. It made it clear that you do not certainly have to win the shows to showcase your talent to the world. In the end, he finally decided to quit his job and now had perused painting as his full-time profession.

His down to earth nature is the X factor

Unlike most of the people, Vilas didn’t get the success to his head. He is the most generous and down to earth person you will ever meet. He prefers to do shows with NGOs so that disabled people can get some inspiration and motivation through him. His journey is truly remarkable. He considers the love and affection of the people as his greatest rewards and gifts.


People like Vilas Nayak make our country supremely proud in the entire world. His hard work and passion have clearly paid him off in the best way possible. He has received appreciation from the biggest celebrities and influential people of the world. So, if you too have a dream then work upon it now.

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