Terms And Conditions

The usage of the website could only be done if the term and conditions as enumerated below are strictly and unconditionally accepted. By registering on the website and continuing its usage you hereby accept the terms and conditions in totality and would be bound by the same. It is advised that one must read the term and conditions carefully that are provided herein :

1 . That by visiting and usage of the website you affirm to be bound by the terms and conditions of the website.

2 . That the content provided voluntarily will be accepted and we reserve the rights to edit/change the content as per our website’s requirement without there being any objection as to it from the user. In case of any objection the same has to be communicated to the team in writing within a week of the same being posted, failing which the same would be considered to be an acceptance on behalf of the user. The website further reserves its rights for posting or denial to post any content made available to it without offering any sort of reasons for such denial. Such denial would entirely be within the exclusive domain of the website without it being answerable to anyone.

3 . That the content made available to us is free from any charges and no royalty amount is payable on it for its usage by the website in displaying the information and using it for publicity and furthering the cause of the website and that the company is granted competency to publish and modify according to the need and requirement of the website and the website further reserves it’s rights of additions and deletions in the material without any prior notice which are deemed to be relevant by the website. However the additions/alterations made to the content would be on the basis of due verification. In addition to this rights to perpetually publish the content worldwide and in any print, electronic media are granted to the website which is irrevocable. The user making the content also undertakes the authenticity of the content made available to the website. The user further undertakes that the content made available is within his competency and he has the exclusive rights to deal/post the same.

4 . That the content once published will be a part of Drilers.com and copying or republishing the content in any format would be treated as an unauthorized usage of the website and the information posted. Any alteration of the content in a way that the basic content remains the same and is posted by altering the image or rearranging the content is punishable under the relevant provisions of law pertaining to Intellectual property rights, Information Technology act and Indian Penal Code along with any other applicable law.

5 . That any alteration in the content and media of this site and republishing it on any other website/magazine or any other print or electronic media without prior written permission and due credits would expose the offender to legal liability which may include payment of fine and may even lead to imprisonment depending on the type of offence as is carried out.

6 . That the website shall not be held responsible for any theft of data or usage of the information by a third party of the content so posted on the website and any loss or damage to the user by the said act of third party.

7 . That the website is intended for general information regarding a person and his/her achievements in life and his story for the same and if you wish to use the information for your personal use, you need to get permission from Drilers.com to utilize the content for general purposes. The usage for posting it on a different website or any other media including but not limited to electronic media or print media is strictly prohibited without prior written permission of the website and without giving due credits to the website.

8 . That the website is not responsible for the postage of any content been posted on it being found out to be incorrect. The team of the website assures of verification of the information being posted on the website to the best possible extent but does not guarantee the same to be true for logical and practical limitations and difficulties.

9 . That the usage of the website by any one below the age of majority as per the provisions of law applicable in India i.e below 18 years of age as per the provisions of Indian Majority Act or by any person incapable of forming informed consent is not advised. However the same may be done with the express permission and under the guidance of the guardian/parent.

10 . That the posting of any abusive/explicit/objectionable/erotic /immoral content or post on the website is strictly forbidden and is liable to attract penalty in the form of limited or permanent ban and may also attract penal prosecution as per the laws applicable which may lead to fine or even imprisonment in fit cases.

11 . The website reserves its rights to ban any user for any term or perpetually if the usage by such a user is considered inappropriate or detrimental to the interest of the website or any of its users.

12 . That the users further undertake not to divulge any personal information on the discussions or not to post/ exchange such personal information which may reveal directly or indirectly your identity etc. Any such information divulged of yourself or any third party might expose such person posting the same to face legal action and punishment.

13 . Drilers.com is not legally/morally responsible for the following losses if any resulting directly or indirectly from the usage of the website or by the publication of consented content/story/image on the website or by the divulging personal information of yourself or any third party which may be foreseeable, known or even otherwise and which may include inter-alia amongst others nut not limited to:

  • a) Loss of information
  • b) Loss of revenues or profits
  • c) Loss of business in any form (direct or indirect)
  • d) Loss of opportunity
  • e) Loss of goodwill or harm to reputation
  • f) Losses suffered by third parties

14 . That the terms and conditions of the website may be changed/revised without notice and the user agrees to review the same regularly at the time of usage to keep himself/herself updated at all times and the website would not be held responsible for the user not going through the revised terms and conditions updated on the website. All the users would be deemed to have gone through and accepted the revised terms and conditions as soon as the same are updated and the usage of the website is carried out by the user after such update.

15 . That the user undertakes to indemnify the website of any loss resulting from the content made available and from breach of any of the terms and conditions as enumerated herein.

16 . That the courts will have exclusive jurisdiction to adjudicate any dispute arising under or in connection with usage of or from the breach of any terms and conditions of the website.

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