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Abhay Rathore, A Teacher Fighting Against all Odds!

Abhay Rathore is a teacher as well as a musician. Having started from home tuitions, he soon found his place in Chattisgarh's leading private university-MATS university. He remembers his interview... Read More

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Meet Anand Krishna Mishra, a 12-year-old boy Who started his own school at the age of 11!

Time and again many people have proved that talent and passion have nothing to do with age. Two American presidents are the best example. Obama retired at 55 Trump started at 70. Similarly, there... Read More

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Story of Custom Inspector: Once unable to pay his own fees, now teaches for free!

A great person always believes in sharing the Knowledge. Today, we have come with the story of Akash Tripathi, a custom Inspector by profession who is providing free coaching to students. He... Read More

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This Man is trying to fulfill his dream of becoming an engineer by running a school for slum children!

It is better to start anything than not to start at all. Rajesh Kumar Sharma, a grocery store owner in Delhi’s Shakarpur area, started his unfulfilled dream of becoming an engineer by opening... Read More

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Babar Ali: The world’s youngest headmaster of India!

Babar Ali is an Indian student and teacher from Murshidabad in West Bengal. He was called the "youngest headmaster in the world" by BBC on October 2009, at the age of sixteen. At the age when most... Read More