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Vijaya Mohan Koppineedi: The Micro Artist bringing a big difference to the world!

Building a venture and choosing to pursue art could be hard. The brilliant micro-artist from Andhra Pradesh, Vijaya Mohan Koppineedi, who does not use magnifying equipment for his micro-art, shows... Read More

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Anjana Malik turned her disability into her strength by fighting the odds of life in an artistic way!

Anjana Malik, a 38-year-old roadside artist, was born with no arms and a deformity in her left leg, but she doesn’t let the details stop her. Due to the severity of her deformity, her left leg... Read More

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Arun Kumar Bajaj: World’s only sewing machine artist!

Unique thread work artist Arun Kumar Bajaj recently gifted one of his works to Smriti Irani. He also has his name entered in the prestigious Guinness Book of world records. His path to this... Read More