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Wouldn’t he quit his SSC, we wouldn’t have one of the securest Antivirus Program!

Inspiring Journey of Quick Heal Founder

“It doesn’t matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop!”

A Glimpse into the early life of Kailash katkar

Kailash Katkar was born in a small village in Rahimatpur, Maharashtra. Later he was shifted and grew up in Pune. His father used to work as a machine setter in Philips.

At a point in time, Kailash’s family was facing many financial crises and were going through a very tough time. So to help out the family members through the crisis, Kailash decided to quit his studies and started to take up job and earn money for his family. Kailash mostly focused on technical matters, and therefore he went on fixing calculators in a shop. Then he started wide spreading and gaining knowledge of more gadgets.

“The Harder the Struggles, the more Glorious the Trump!”

At the age of 19, he went to Bombay for some coaching through the company and started off with the job with a monthly salary of merely 1500 Rs. But this post gave him tons of knowledge and experience of the gadgets and then a start-up stuck in his mind.

Initially, he managed to gain an honest financial gain of Rs 45,000. During the olden times, 45,000 were having a great value. However, even with this mild success, Kailash wasn’t glad, and somewhere he knew that he could achieve more. He thought of expanding his skill sets and upgrading them to the current requirements of the people using laptops.

Story of Kailash Katkar, Founder (Quick Heal) – A School Dropout Who Built an Empire

Kailash Katkar, Founder (Quick Heal)

The Journey of Inventing one of the reliable Antivirus program- Quick Heal

Kailash Katkar redeveloped his calculator fixing shop into CAT laptop Services in 1993. Without losing hopes and with constant determination he cracked his first deal of two families. They agreed to repair and maintain their personal computers with an annual fee of Rs 2000.

During that time the world had entered into a new concept known as Virus. Those were the days were the work of virus was not only to steal the data by traveling from a floppy disc to a laptop etc. but to damage or slow down the system functioning. There were no tools available in the market which would help them to stop the spread of the virus on their pc, so they preferred formatting it.

“Only you can change your life, no one else can!”

Now the web technologies were continuously changing and growing to a greater extent, and the computers were at a higher risk of producing multiple viruses and damaging the whole system. During that period, Sanjay the younger brother of Kailash was writing some programs and was well versed in it. So Kailash insisted him to start developing a basic model of an antivirus which will help the system to stay healthy and also increase the revenue of their laptop Services. And this is how Quick Heal came into existence. And today he is the owner of a company with 187 crores turn over.

Kailash Katkar Story of SSC Dropout who founded an IT Security Solutions Company

Kailash Katkar Founder and CEO of Quick Heal Technologies


Kailash Katkar is a real example for all the human beings all around the world and showed his willpower, determination, and perseverance to achieve the goal and prove that even an SSC dropout can create wonders in this world of competition. You just need to crave for knowledge and have strong willpower to achieve your goal.

References: Economic Times, Conflating Visions

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