Srikant Kidambi- An Inspirational Story That Bumps Up Your Self-belief!

By: Team | June 30, 2017
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Srikant Kidambi- An Inspirational Story That Bumps Up Your Self-belief!

Srikant Kidambi-An inspirational story that bumps up your Self-belief!

Srikant Kidambi- An inspirational story that bumps up your Self-belief! –  Every now and then a gigantic amount of people try their luck in the sports and the opportunities it provides. But only those who are best prepared and passionate enough manages to achieve something great with their captivating brilliance. Srikant Kidambi is now a well-known name not only in the Badminton field but all over the sports world. He is the name that everyone is going gaga over and the reasons are his commendable achievements.

Srikant Kidambi-An inspirational story that provide a inspiring message of achievement of goal in life

He is now one of the highest ranked Indian Badminton players in the world. His constant hard work and determination have made it what he is today. He now trains at the Gopichand Badminton Academy, Hyderabad and is supported by the GoSports Foundation, Bangalore.

Interesting facts about the Badminton sensation – Srikant Kidambi

Sports champions like Srikant Kidambi is the reason we are so proud of being an India. He has really made our nation popular in the Badminton world at such a young age. Here we will discuss some of the unknown facts of this sports champion that will make you even more proud.

  • Srikant was not born in a fancy family. He grew up in a humble household with his parents. His father is a farmer and his mother is a housewife.
  • He also won Gold at the 2016 South Asian Games in Guwahati.
  • Srikant was ranked 240 in the year 2012, 13 in the year 2013 and now he stands at the 11th position worldwide.
  • Srikant Kadambi came under the spotlight when he beat Parupali Kashyap in the year 2013 at All India Senior National Championships.
  • His elder brother Nanda Gopal is also a Badminton player.
  • He got his major inspiration from the famous Indian cricketer MS Dhoni. He wanted an autograph since his teenage.

True motivation story of a badminton play for students to work hard- Srikant Kidambi

Making of a Champion

Every person with a dream of achieving something in life has to go through a difficult path of life. If you manage to overcome the hurdles and difficulties then there is nothing that can stop you from doing what you have a passion for. Same was the case with the now badminton star Srikant Kadamba. He tried but failed to achieve the name until the teenage. But he didn’t lose hope at all, instead, he worked hard and now he is famous worldwide. His story now inspires millions of aspirants to do something great in life.

Reactions on his glorious achievement in the world of Badminton

Who would not be happy to achieve so much in life? He did fail sometimes but that failure and the constant support of his brother, coach and family helped him to get over it and do better the next time. On failing his brother said, “But it proves that parents and coaches should not give up just based on junior results as it happens in India. If our parents had given up, then Srikanth would never be winning today.”

Srikant was thankful for the victory and unlimited support he got from everyone. On thanking his coach he said, Thanks to Gopi sir, it was not possible to make it without him, I couldn’t have been where I am now. Every match was tough for me & I learned with every match. The only way to be consistent is to train hard.”


If you love badminton or are overall sports fanatics then you might have heard of the new badminton sensation in the world. Many people only dream of achieving what the hardworking and passionate Srikant Kidambi has already achieved. His story only says that never give up on your dreams until you make them true. Hard work, dedication, and constant determination can get you anything in life. If you also have dreams then step ahead and start working on it to make it a reality.

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