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Prem Ganapathy- Started with Rs150, now Runs a Chain of Dosa Restaurants worth 30 Crores!

Prem Ganpathy- an entrepreneur's success story

Prem Ganapathy is an Indian entrepreneur and businessman.

“The true entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer.” – Nolan Bushnell

Prem Ganapathy is the owner of “Dosa Plaza” chain which is very popular in Mumbai and a couple of countries. He is an entrepreneur who started his work with net worth Rs.150 to the present net worth of Rs.30 crores. He is the one who showed different types of dosa to this world.

“Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is more important than the outcome.” The inspirational story of Prem Ganapathy’s Dosa Plaza:

Prem Ganapathy is an entrepreneur from Tamil Nadu who resided in Mumbai. He is the owner of the brand “Dosa Plaza.” This brand is worth Rs.30 crores. He has this outlet around 42 across Mumbai, 7 in UAE, New Zealand, and Oman.

Best Inspirational business success stories of Prem Ganapathy’s Dosa Plaza

Prem Ganapathy – Founder of “Dosa Plaza”

How Prem Ganapathy started his “Dosa Plaza”:

Prem Ganapathy was born in Tamil Nadu. His father was a yoga tutor. He has five brothers and one sister. When Prem Ganapathy was studying in his 10th class, his father lost his money by farming. Prem Ganapathy had to be the breadwinner for his family. He came to Mumbai without saying to their parents to do a job and make money. He didn’t tell his family because they wouldn’t send him to the far place.

Prem Ganapathy came to Mumbai with 200 in his pocket. He faced problems with language because no one speaks Tamil in Mumbai and he doesn’t know Hindi and English languages. Some stranger robbed the only Rs.200 what he had. His willpower to earn money and take care of his family pushed him with confidence at that helpless time. He joined in a Pizza Base preparing company. He worked there for a salary of Rs.150 per month. He did that job for few months because they also provided shelter.

Prem Ganapathy’s Dosa Plaza is Inspiring stories of success after failure

“Dosa Plaza” started by Prem Ganapathy

After few years, he had the thrive to develop in life, work harder and achieve big. He quit the job and took a small cycle for rent and started selling dosa. He became famous with that the selling of dosa and idle. He began earning Rs.20000 per month from it. But, he didn’t have permission to sell food on cycle. So, many time municipal authorities would fine him for trading in that way.

Prem Ganapathy was fed up with this situation. With all the saving he had from this business, he invested his saving in a place and started “Dosa Plaza.” He had two workers when it began with Rs5000 being the rent for the place. In no time, the center became very popular. He began earning in lakhs every year.

different types of dosa to the world shown by Prem Ganapathy is an Inspiration story on goal setting

Prem Ganapathy showed different types of dosa flavours to the world

Interesting Facts about the 105 varieties of Dosa:

  • “Dosa Plaza” was a sensational hit when it got began. Many software employees were his customers. Few of them became friend with PremGanapathy.
  • He started learning how to use a computer from them. He used to spend time on knowing about different types of cooking styles in the various countries. And how it can include in dosa recipe.
  • Prem Ganapathy has the thought to broaden the brand into various parts of urban areas and cities, and he talked to several shopping mall owners.
  • In starting, many rejected because McD was a preferred brand. But, one day when his customer suggested him to ask in the city mall, he went and asked for permission.
  • The owner of City Mall being his customer, he immediately accepted the offer. That is the starting point of this expanding franchise.
  • Prem Ganapathy has the particular interest to introduce the various dosa varieties to foreign people. He believed everyone would love this pancake even outside India.
APJ Abdul Kalam and Prem Ganpathy

APJ Abdul Kalam and Prem Ganapathy


Prem Ganapathy is the owner of “Dosa Plaza” which is worth 30 crores. He is an entrepreneur who started his business with the investment of Rs150. He invented 105 varieties of Dosa. He is a real inspiration for everyone who has an idea of starting a business.

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