By: Team Drilers | 07 May, 2019
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What better than a youngster leading and inspiring people around him? Umesh Pansari spreads positivity, happiness, and a sense of liveliness amongst hundreds and thousands of people. With plenty of achievements to his name, it might seem like an easy game to others, but unfortunately, it wasn’t. He is currently pursuing graduation, and that tells us about the age at which most of his achievements came.

“Everyone has the potential to live a fulfilling life. The difference lies in how we look at things.”- Vishal Pandey

The Beginning

Belonging to a middle-class family, Umesh was just like another kid. His father is a shopkeeper and mother, a housewife. His financial condition wasn’t good enough, but that was not something to stop him from doing what he wanted to. In his 11th standard, Umesh gathered a group of students and started youth leadership. With his oratory and leading skills, he became the leader of a bunch of youths in his district. This was just a beginning.

Umesh Pansari, The Young Achiever of India

“Inspiration is a message from your unconscious wisdom telling you to go out there and be the fullest, most positive expression of you who you are.”- Paul Dalton 

Power Of Socializing

Umesh went on to join the National Service Scheme and with this began his journey to the path of social activities. He soon got selected for many state and national level camps and programs, all thanks to his growing leadership skills. His transformational talks and speeches helped him do many social campaigns making people aware of the prevailing social evils in the society. Not only this but also extracurricular activities like essay writing, debate, speech, slogan, painting, etc. were Umesh’s hobbies.


“The truly rich are those who enjoy what they have.”- Yiddish Proverb

Umesh’s work might seem easy from the outset, but actually, it was not as such. Apart from belonging to a poor background and starting from scratch, he also found that the present day youth is difficult to indulge in social work. The mentality of people has changed, and it is not easy these days to attract people towards works related to the environment like climate change, etc. He had a task in his hands which he achieved successfully, all thanks to his hard work and commitment.

Umesh The Youth Icon   

Born for leading 

When Umesh attended his life's first orientation program as a participant, he saw the anchor being unable to control the gathering. The crowd was getting uncontrollable, and the situation was getting worse. In this circumstance, Umesh got up and took the baton of managing the students in his hands. Within minutes, he was able to control a crowd of two thousand. Later on, there were many such occasions where he did something like this.

Umesh has also worked towards creating awareness about women empowerment and human rights. He has also been an active participant in activities like Shramdaan, plantation, Soakhta pit, drain construction, etc.

Achievements come in

The Higher Education Department of Madhya Pradesh was impressed by Umesh’s work and awarded him the State Level National Service Scheme award. He went on to win many International awards in the field of essay writing. Just after 2 years of hard work, Umesh made a record of achievements and got his name registered in the India Book of Records. Not only this, but he also got his name tendered in the Assist World Records for the largest number of achievements and awards within two years including state, national and International level achievements.

“Determine what motivates you, and you can find your path to love, happiness and influence and that which you seek to make your life complete.”- Louis Howard

His inspirations

Umesh’s parents always supported and motivated him towards his goals. His teachers and later his instructors became his role models who taught him how to stay committed towards his goal. Besides, he took inspiration from the challenges he faced in life and learned how to be more focussed and hard working.

“Don't focus on regrets; find your inspiration in what you can do now.”- Catherine Pulsifer 

More achievements in his bag

In 2018, Umesh received the National Samaj Gaurav award in Mumbai. More recently, in 2019, he was selected for the Asia Pacific Youth Exchange in the Philippines. Being a great leader that he is, the National India Leadership Award, 2018 and the Bharat Leadership award put more stars in his journey. Umesh was the finalist in the World Youth Essay Competition, German 2018. These are some of his achievements, and the list just continues to grow on.

Indian youth Icon Umesh Pansari


A young man working towards making the society a better place to live in and motivating the youth of the country to become future leaders has done an exceptional job. It has all been possible because of his unending spirit of enthusiasm and hard work. Don't limit your dreams and aspirations for any possible reason. You can achieve it only if you dare to dream for it.