By: Team Drilers | 19 April, 2019
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India is slowly moving towards becoming an entrepreneurial hub, and this is largely because of the inspiration infused by top entrepreneurs. India has got many top domestic firms ranging from PayTm to Ola but do we all know about those who started these amazing companies? Let us have a look at the top 10 entrepreneurs India has:

Top 10 Entrepreneurs of India

Vijay Shekhar Sharma

Top 10 Entrepreneurs in India

Born in Harduaganj near Aligarh, Vijay passed his 12th standard at the age of 14, 2 years ahead than the average age of 16. He kept working on his poor English, but never let it come on his way. While studying in the Delhi College of Engineering, he along with his friend started a company- XS corps. This was a good start, but financial setbacks ended this journey soon. Vijay’s perseverance helped him think of One97 and PayTm, which, according to the early investors, was a risky gamble in India. But Vijay's positive mindset made him a rockstar entrepreneur and Paytm is like a friend to us.

Ritesh Agarwal

Top 10 Entrepreneurs of India

Ritesh was born in a business family in Odisha, but that didn’t make his success any more comfortable. His first love was coding, which he began doing at the age of 8. In 2011, Ritesh moved to Delhi with the aim of getting things started on his own. A blessing in disguise came for him when he could not clear the SAT examination. Failure is the best teacher, and it was the same with Ritesh, he started focussing all his attention on entrepreneurship. The next idea that struck his mind was Oravel Stays- meant for bed and break. He later went on to rename this as OYO rooms, and the rest is history.

Deep Kalra

Indian Entrepreneurs Success Stories

Deep Kalra, had a great life with a regular job and financial stability. Did he leave all that to begin something on his own, why? For satisfaction, for he didn’t want to waste the talent he possessed. He knew that the Internet in India was evolving at a quick pace; he also knew that he needs to be cautious while taking any big decisions since the internet customers were still getting matured. This is why when he started to Make My Trip, he catered to only the  US to India travel plans. Then came the dot com bubble and destroyed all his hard work. Now, no one was willing to invest and then came the role of perseverance. In 2005, after taking some brave decisions, he launched Make My Trip for the Indian market, and we all know what happened later.

Indra Nooyi

Successful Entrepreneurs in India

You cannot ignore her ever. In this world of male dominance, she has made her way out of the challenges. Born in present-day Chennai, her family was a conservative one, but she was an ambitious girl. After her MBA, she joined Johnsons and Johnsons as a product manager and did what all she could for the company. She wanted to do more and hence, went to the Yale Management School to get a Master’s degree in Public and Private Management. She later worked at Boston Consulting Group and Motorola before getting into PepsiCo and became its CEO in 2006. Fighting her way out of gender stereotypes, she did what many could never even imagine.

Falguni Nayar

successful indian entrepreneurs biography

Proving people, who thought she was crazy, wrong Falguni has had her taste of success. An IIM, Ahmedabad alumni, Falguni Nayar, was earlier the Managing director at Kotak Mahindra Capital Company. She had a well-settled life, but her dreams wanted her to be somewhere else. After leaving the job at Kotak, Falguni came up with the idea of a multi-brand retail beauty e-commerce store- Nykaa. She realized that this segment was not at all tapped in the Indian market. Resources were limited, people were questioning her idea, but she kept working hard in her own space. This continued struggle towards success has made Nykaa a brand of its own, a brand that people trust.

Trishneet Arora

Top 10 Entrepreneurs of India 2018

He failed in the 8th standard and dropped out of school. Most probably, many journeys end here only, but Trishneet Arora was different. From his childhood, he loved gadgets and computers; it was like his passion. He chased his dreams and now has a company of his own- TAC. He describes himself as an ethical hacker who finds flaws in systems and helps the owners in fixing them. Trishneet has many big names in his client list, ranging from the Govt. Of India to Reliance industries. His journey is one of passion and hard work combined with grit and determination. He was taught by failures but was supported by his family throughout.

Srikanth Bolla

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If you think you have read of the most inspiring and challenging story, wait and read this. Srikanth was born blind, faced rejection from the society, the administration, and the educational institutions, but dare he stood back and stopped trying. His family was indulged in agriculture, and financial distress only supplemented their problems. First, no school wanted to have him in, second, no IIT or IIM allowed him to study there. He finally graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT), US. Srikanth got many job offers there, but he decided to become an entrepreneur to be a job provider to people like him. He started Bollant Industries Ltd. for eco-friendly disposable products and packaging solutions. Problems made him learn and fight against all the odds; now he is one of the best entrepreneurs India has.

Pranay Chulet

youngest businessman in India

Born in Rajasthan, Pranay got into IIT Delhi studying Chemical Engineering and did his MBA from IIM Kolkata. He was in the US for 10 years and worked as a Management Consultant for a media firm. Reference Check was his first venture. After working for some big companies, he decided to begin a company of his own- Excellere. But this company didn’t work out as he had imagined. Later he went on to start Quikr for buyers and sellers. The website has a unique feature of transacting offline, and this worked the best. Dealing with failures and making the most out of them has been a habit of Pranay.

Byju Raveendran

Youngest Entrepreneur in India 2018

Completed schooling, became an engineer and landed a job in an IT firm. During a vacation in 2003, he helped some of his friends with the CAT exam preparations. And guess what one of them he taught secured 100 percentile in the prestigious exam. After that he went back to the job and again when he came back to India some years later, he taught some CAT aspirants, and the results were inspiring. He finally gave up on his job and began to focus on his teaching skills. Then came the idea of smart learning that changed the education perception in India- Byju’s.

Bhavish Aggarwal

successful young entrepreneurs in India

He was born in Ludhiana and was always attracted towards entrepreneurship. Bhavish completed his Bachelors in Technology from IIT Bombay and soon got into Microsoft Research India as an intern and later got the profile of Assistant Researcher. He began with OLA when he refused a rented car driver to pay a hefty amount. The driver left Bhavish en route in the middle of the road at night. He decided to do something, keeping that bad experience in mind. He researched and made plans accordingly. The taxi business in India was very limited and wasn’t too customer friendly. This is what he capitalized upon and did what was desired- started OLA.