By: Team Drilers | 23 March, 2019
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If you have passion and determination to achieve something then, no hurdle can stop you from

reaching your zenith. Sonali Bhadauria, a girl who had guts to leave her well-settled IT career

for her passion for dance is a living example. She has proven that if you know your caliber,

people will follow you. Let's read a story of how a Software Engineer turned into a YouTube

leading lady.

Beginning Of A Dancing Star

On 12th December 1989, Sonali took birth in the house of Mrs. Savita Bhadauria and Mr. R.K.

Singh in Mumbai. This girl inherited her poise from his father who served the Indian Navy. She

spent her entire childhood dancing in front of the TV set or on the songs played on the radio,

behind the closed doors, replicating the real steps of the song.

Sonali Bhadauria (LiveToDance) (@sonali.bhadauria)   Sonali Bhadauria (LiveToDance)
Dance Choreographer & YouTuber | LiveToDance with Sonali

Time was running on its pace and Sonali was busy evolving her dance techniques. But then

came a time when she needs to make one of the toughest choices and that’s choosing between

engineering or her love for dance. And like every practical kid of Indian society, she opted for

former and pursued her bachelors in Computer Science from Don Bosco Institute of

Technology, Mumbai.

Everything Is Destined

After completing her studies, she worked with Infosys as a Software Engineer for four years. But

as rightly believed, if you have the urge to achieve something, then all the forces of the universe will

show you the path to follow. Same happened with Sonali when she joined the dance club

‘Crazy Legs’, formed by the employees of Infosys. And here she started living her dream all

over again.

“It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves”

It was never easy to maintain the balance of her dual-tone life. But Sonali was doing everything

it takes to continue her passion from practicing after office to participating in various

competitions and events. This was the place where she met her husband.

SonaliBhadauria is India's fastest growing dance creator, well known for multiple viral dance choreography videos on YouTube.  LiveToDance with Sonali

Steps Towards Her Dream

Moving up on a ladder of the dancing profession, she took a flight from copying the steps to

designing choreographic sequences on her own. And this step was proven as the turning point

for Sonali, and she never looked back after that. The wedding and other events choreography

projects started giving Sonali more exposure and experience, which boosted her confidence


“With realization of one’s own potential and self-confidence in one’s ability, one
can build a better world.” -Dalai Lama

The year 2016 played a very significant role in her life. It was then when they started a YouTube

Channel, ‘LiveToDance with Sonali', where they post all her choreographed dance sequences.

After balancing between a hectic schedule of office and giving time to her dance routines, for

almost a year, she quit her job in 2017. During this tough phase of her life, it was her

husband who stood by her side all the time.

The dream turns into reality

Sonali was unaware that subtly success is coming barefoot to knock her door. It was 2017,

when a video of ‘Nashe Si Chadh Gayi’ and ‘Shape Of You’, songs choreographed by her,

spread like wildfire. These viral videos made Sonali earned an immense number of followers

and, the love of her fans has not stopped till date.

She is one of the biggest and most popular dancing sensations of India with around 1.6 Million

followers on YouTube. She has recently performed at YouTube Fanfest, 2018 held in Mumbai.

Sonali has dedicated this performance to all her fans as a thanking gesture.

Sonali Bhadauria of LiveToDance   


“Follow your dreams, believe in yourself and don't give up.”- Rachel Corrie

This one sentence has summed up the entire success journey of India's dancing diva and

inspiration to many young talented buds. Sonali Bhadauria is not only living her dream but also

motivating hundreds and thousands of people to follow their intention and do not settle for

regular life. For this dancing queen, nothing has come easy, but she was so busy looking at her

ambition that she never gets time to think about the obstacles.