By: Team Drilers | 01 November, 2019
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The only shortcut to success is hard work without giving up on your dreams and passion. This story is about the second runner up of MTV Hustle 2019, RCR. Rohit Chaudhary is a renowned singer and rapper of India, but there is something special about his journey. Today we are going to let you meet with Rohit and his path, which made him the RCR of now!

“There will be obstacles. There will be doubters. There will be mistakes. But with hard work, there are no limits.” -Michael Phelps, Olympic swimmer

The Eternal Love For Music

Rohit hails from the holy city of Sikhs, Amritsar in Punjab, in a middle-class family with his father being a mechanic. Although his family did not have any musical background, Rohit was always interested in music since childhood. He used to feel some connection with music, which was a strange thing for a boy living in a completely different place without much aid to his talent. His voice quality and expertise in harmonium gave the musical group of his school, a chance to perform at ‘India’s Got Talent’ show. Their group passed the auditions and excitedly worked to give their first performance on the stage of India's biggest Talent show.

It was a golden opportunity for Rohit to show his talent and passion for music to the world and make his mark in the music industry. However, destiny has some other plans for him, and unfortunately, he suffered from a vocal disorder due to continuous practice just before their first performance on the show. His dreams of performing shattered when doctors told him to stop singing due to that illness. His heart crushed little more when all other group members went on the stage to play, leaving him behind.

Rohit Kumar Chaudhary AKA RCR is an Indian singer and rapper.

“The golden rule I can think of is the fact that you must follow your passion and do something that is close to your heart.” - Kumar Mangalam Birla

As it is rightly said that you can't take anyone's talent and passion from them. This young lad was facing the same situation when he was unable to sing for nearly two years due to vocal disorder. He wanted to express himself through his singing, but his throat was getting no better. This led him to discover his love and passion for the musical Instruments. To keep his bond intact with music, he started learning guitar from the Western Academy under the guidance of trained professionals.

The Making Of RCR On A Twisted Road

The battle of success was surely not going to be comfortable, and the boy was aware of this fact. While learning guitar, he was always into exploring more and more options for himself. It was then he came across the songs and raps by one of the finest rappers of the century, Eminem. Impressed by the new style of music, he started finding more about it from the similar videos of Indian Singers such as Bohemia and Honey Singh. He liked the concept so much that he made up his mind to try his hands in the same field. After hearing Rohit's first rap, his teacher, Mr Twinkle Rajput, not only guided him on the right track but also encouraged him to follow his passion. So overwhelmed by the talent and dedication of his student, Twinkle gave him his name of RCR, Rohit Chaudhary Rapstar, resembling his energetic rapping style.

RCR Rapper/Singer/Lyricist

As rightly said, not everything goes as planned, and destiny made him learned that very soon! Once, he was invited by a director to Mumbai to perform for a show. All excited, he packed his bag and left for the city with his friends, but the harsh reality hit him when that director stopped answering Rohit's call. Though slowly he was running out of money, he did not lose hope and continued his voyage in a desire to find his lost luck.

It was a time when the financial condition of his family was touching to a very low, and hence RCR took the lead by taking small projects. He used to keep a little money for himself from his earnings and send most of the amount to his home. There were many days when he did not have any money left to feed himself and find a better place to live than a small room shared by more than 30 people. It was a moment that could easily break the power of anyone, but RCR was committed to giving value to his name. 


Ups And Downs Never Ends

"Nothing is impossible with hard work, commitment and dedication" - Sir Brayne

Every artist has his journey, and for RCR, it was a tough one. By the grace of God, his hard work and talent lend him a show 'Dil Hai Hindustani'. He went through 6 tough rounds to make it to the final audition at Mumbai. He finally got the chance to perform in front of the music greats such as Badshah, Sunidhi Chauhan, and Pritam Chakraborty. It was a live performance in front of a broad audience, and a small mistake could get him eliminated from the show. A little nervousness bound RCR, and he made a mistake in the first stanza of the rap. It was a moment when he decided to complete his rest of the lines with full energy and confidence without thinking of that mistake. Everyone liked his rap, and he got to hear many praising words from Indian Rap King, Badshah himself. He was one of the top 6 contestants of the show.

Rohit Kumar Chaudhary AKA RCR is an Indian Rapper. RCR is known for television singing reality shows like

The story does not end here as it was momentary happiness for RCR. He had to rush back to his home when his mother was suffering from the eye and uterus problems that need urgent attention and care. Adding to which his sister's marriage was also on the cards. But the disturbing truth was, they were running out of money! RCR decided to take the bullet and take his family out of the financial crisis.

When he returned to Mumbai and everything seemed to be settling down, an unfortunate accident took the life of his brother-in-law after eight months of the marriage. It again halted his journey, but RCR fought against all the odds without deviating from the path of success. He went on to participate in MTV hustle, which took his popularity to the new level. 

The Ongoing Hustle of RCR

There is always a path to achieve more success and spread the joy of reaching the top. RCR is now a famous name in the Indian music Industry after his mind-blowing performances in front of the music greats. People love his words, expressions, thoughts, and rejoice in the power of his raps. He has bagged a lot of projects in his kitty for the future after being adjudged as the second runner up of India's first rap reality show, MTV hustle. He is closely working with the famous Indian actor Prince Narula apart from some solo projects and a Bollywood movie. Not only this, he enjoys a large following on his YouTube and Instagram channels. He is now setting higher goals and working with all his strengths to achieve the new wonders at the stage.

RCR Rapper, MTV Hustler


“Success is when your signature turns into your autograph.” — A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

The above quote perfectly fits on to the journey of the enthusiastic rapper of the Indian music Industry. RCR is now a feeling in the hearts of those aspiring talents who wants to follow him and make their presence felt in life. He is the perfect role model who is still holding his ground even after getting such a huge success. His hard work and zeal to achieve success without giving up on his dreams is a quality which only a real star can possess. Rohit is the real example of portraying that no matter how many hardships you face, if you have dedication, then nothing can stop you from flourishing.