By: Team Drilers | 08 November, 2019
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If you have a talent, it will automatically come outside. And if you have passion and determination, you will achieve whatever you wish for. One day, a young boy gets a desire to become someone famous, his wishes were so pure, along with his will to work hard, led him to the way of success. That boy was Raja Kapse, who is a very talented and celebrated actor in India television and film industry. His journey to success is nothing less than any fantasy!

Bittersweet Memories of Education

Raja Kapse was born in a middle-class family of UP, where his father was a teacher and his mother, a staff nurse. Since childhood, he was very fond of books and studies, and being the topper till class 8th, portrayed his love for education very well.

As time passes, being unaware that his liking for studies is converting into the feeling of competition, thus he opted for mathematics. As a teenager, he used to admire engineers a lot and dreamt of becoming one someday.

“Education is power and knowledge is wealth.” - Dr. T.P. Chia

He moved city to city and then reached Gwalior, where he joined a coaching center meant for the preparation of engineering program. Still unaware of his real goals, he always hopes to do something big.

During his coaching period, he even got the opportunity to meet great leaders of our country like Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee, and Mr. Rajeev Gandhi. Ideologies of these prominent personalities helped Raja some way or the other in his journey.

Searching For Right Path

As his destiny was written for something different and unique, his soul was drifting him away from studies. Leaving his coaching, he got back to his mother in Guna, a district in Madhya Pradesh. Unaware of the next steps, he joined a regular engineering college with the hope of competing his studies. But never step into the campus for almost six months until one day, when he decided to attend a class.

“Dreams are destiny.” - Enamul Haque

And as expected, one of his professors tried to humiliate him in front of the entire class by making him stand on the podium and asked everyone to clap for Raja. But, on the contrary, he felt great, he enjoyed the feeling of being special. This was the moment which lights the spark in his heart of becoming glorious.

It’s Meant To Be

One day, while roaming outside his house in Shivpuri, Madhya Pradesh, this young boy spotted a hoarding painted about the requirement of an actor in a TV serial. He always believes, life will automatically give you all the answers to your 'how' and 'why' and this opportunity seems him the sign of his queries.

With all his excitement, he gathered all his courage and went for the audition for a police inspector. There he was given a dialogue to prepare and perform, which was right in all its meaning that a lie can not exist, and truth cannot be hidden.

An unbelievable incident took place for him when the director praised Raja for his outstanding performance and exceptional acting skills. This moment filled his heart with confidence, belief, and courage to work towards his dream. Beyond belief, he got selected for the role, a maiden attempt for his journey!

Working For Dreams 

He began his journey with the blessings of his parents and headed towards Delhi to join the National School of Drama. After figuring out the boy is talented but very naive in the field of acting, a professor of NSD suggested him to join Little Group of Theatre first for a couple of years. The slow work and small roles did trouble him but, being optimistic always helped him to overpass the bad and live the present moment fully.

“You are in control of your destiny, only you can make your dreams come true.”

After spending two years in Delhi, with all the courage, he decided to move to Mumbai, a city that always scared him. But, like for everyone else, this city served him also with the platter of all his dreams. And he started grooming his skills by performing in theatres and auditioning for different roles.

Dedication Never Fails

With time, his hard work started paying off, and he started receiving various opportunities to showcase his talent to the world. Though he always wished to become a hero, his acting skills never failed to surprise everyone when it comes to a negative role.

Raja Kapse, a humble and decent man in real life, pours his emotions so brilliantly in darker characters that the audience gave him more love as a villain than a hero. So far, he has worked in numerous films and TV serials, which include sharing the screen space with some great actors like Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, and many more. He proved his belief that knowledge is more generous than education, to its core.


If you have a dream to see, a desire to achieve, and dedication to work, you will reach your destination. Raja Kapse, once unaware if his destiny and goals, working to become an engineer, and at the same time wish to be a famous personality, is now a renowned actor. If it's meant to be, it will be, do not stop daring for it!