By: Team Drilers | 05 May, 2019
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Out of nowhere comes a story that forces us to believe in ourselves, in our abilities, and in the power of doing what we love. Many of us are talented but not all utilize it properly, and this is where the life of Dr. Anjali Chaugule becomes an inspiration. Professionally she is a dentist, but the big thing is she has a lot of achievements to her name in several other fields.

“The focus must be on what is right before you- to give it your best. It shows the seeds of tomorrow.”- Kiran Bedi

The beginning of a glorious life

Born in Pune, Anjali’s family was full of doctors. Her schooling and graduation were done in Pune, and she was a topper. After graduation, a career choice was to be made, and a collective decision by the doctor family was made in favour of Dentistry which Anjali pursued from the MGV Dental College, Nasik. With a first-class distinction, she completed her internship from the Pune University in 2002.

“If you don’t build your dream, someone else will hire you to build theirs.”- Nita Ambani

A Dynamic Woman Dr. Anjali Chaugule

A champion Dentist

After the internship, it was about taking the next step. In 2005, she set up her own dental practice, “Oral Symphony Dental Care,” and after that, there was no looking back. She went on to work as a senior dental consultant for Symbiosis and received hands-on training and expertise from overseas and also got a diploma in Dermal Fillers from CODE AFA(U.K.). Ruby Hall Clinic, Sanjeevan Hospital, Pharande hospital, and The Smile Spa are some of the renowned hospitals she has worked at. Everyone has appreciated her work as a dentist. But was she to be satisfied with this? Or were there some inner calls to drive her on a different path?

“Whenever there is a challenge, I see an opportunity.”- Chanda Kochhar

Switching between Dancing, Modelling, Painting, and Photography

From her childhood, Anjali was never a one-dimensional girl. She used to try different things even after knowing that her career goal is going to be different.

Dr Anjali Chaugule: Dentist, model, dancer and artist

Her modelling career began in 2016 when she couldn’t resist sitting back with such a talent in her kitty. She feels that a modelling picture is not just a picture but an emotion that carries the hard work and hopes of so many helping hands like the model, the photographer, the make-up artist, stylist, etc, who all are present behind that one picture. Every new shot is a teaching for her as it helps in improving for the next shot. In 2016, she was crowned as “Pune Times Miss Most Popular Style Icon”, she was the 2nd runner up of “Miss Pehenawa 2017”. There are many more awards won by her for her modelling talent.

Her love for dance is just out of the world. It refreshes her and makes her happier every time she is involved in it. Anjali is an Argentine Tango and Salsa dancer, and she had also received international training from Tango Maestros in 2015.

“None can destroy iron, but its own rust can. Likewise, none can destroy a person, but her own mindset can.”- Ratan Tata

Drawing, designing, and painting have been an integral part of her life. She has always wanted to express serenity, joy, and optimism through her artwork. While working for Symbiosis, she also began a Health page for the Health Care Center which has turned out to be a success. Anjali has received the “Golden Brush Award,” “The International Master Of Art Ghafar Bahari Award,” “The International Visual Artists Award” and many more for her breathtaking artwork. 

Anjali Chaugule: A dentist by profession and a model, artist and dancer by passion

Her interests were not only limited to the things mentioned above. Anjali also had a corner of her heart reserved for Photography. Her brilliant clicks have received National as well as International accolades. In theme-based photography competitions, Anjali has time and again proved her mettle. Her best clicks have been uploaded on the Viewbug International Photographers Community website. And that’s not all, on the same website she also has a special blog feature. She also holds a Behind The Lens badge having won over 640 awards.


“This is the world. Half of it is lit by the sun, and the other half remains in darkness. It is the same with life. It is good and bad, and we must remain in the light, be good.”- Anita Nair

Anjali’s love for all these things has been phenomenal; this is why she was attracted towards these passions of her. She enjoys every bit of it and finds it joyous to switch between all these things. Excelling in every field she chose has been possible just because of her determination, grit, and perseverance. She was always happy doing whatever she did, and her journey has set an example for the women of India to come up and try their hands at whatever they love doing. It is high time that women step out of the kitchen and show the world where they are best suited to be.