By: Team Drilers | 30 October, 2019
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There are a few talents which you got as a gift from God, and then there are a few which you develop in yourself due to some curiosity. But rarely happens, that a person proudly possesses both of them.

Ojas Prashant Joshi, a kid who owns some remarkably unique talent, has made the country proud already. He has developed a trick that can help several students in their education, demonstrating the strength of his sharp brain.

Ojas Prashant Joshi, a kid who owns some remarkably unique talent, has made the country proud

Birth Of A Prodigy

In the year 2002, a beautiful baby boy got birth in the Joshi family and named as Ojas. His father worked at a private bank, and his mother is a housewife. They unknowingly considered this little genius as a regular kid. But the truth was yet to be revealed.

The Unbelievable Record

As a kid, Ojas used to vibrate his eyeballs. So out of motherly concern, one day, his mother took him to an ophthalmologist. And there her tension turned into joy when the doctor not only considered him perfectly fit but also informed them about being unique. He even provided the certificate stating the distinctiveness of a young kid.

A Taste Of Fame

Ojas’ mother took the next step for her child. After the confirmation from the doctor, she submitted the certificate to Mr Pawan Solanki, CEO of India World Records. And, surprisingly, he informed the family that this record is one of its kind and can be listed in the book of India World Record.

Ojas Prashant Joshi Talented Indian Kid

“Man needs difficulties in life, because they are necessary to enjoy success” - APJ Abdul Kalam

In 2016, the talent of this god gifted baby was recognized at the grand level. Mr. Pawan Solanki invited Ojas and his entire family to an event, where he felicitated this young lad with a certificate, medal, and toffees. Around 25 lacs people, including various VIPs and VVIPs, witnessed this celebration.

Talent Cannot Be Suppressed

As time passes by, this wonder-kid continues to focus on his studies. One day, when he was busy doing his homework, he realized that solving some of the maths equations are taking too long. This thought made him wonder about how much time he needs to spend to finish his entire piece of homework.

“Learning was an act of rediscovery, knowledge a form of remembering” - Jhumpa Lahiri

A thought stuck in his mind made him try solving maths problems in different ways. As a result, astonishingly, he found the unique cube trick of math, by which he can solve a problem within a fraction of seconds. And here, he is again proving his brilliance and his focus towards the goal to achieve something better.

Continues To Grow

This time, after realizing that Ojas had developed a trick that is unique in itself and can help numerous students around the globe in their studies, he took this to Abdul Kalam World Records. Being one of the biggest admirers of Mr. Abdul Kalam, this intelligent kid could not find any better place to register his record. With this achievement, he counts himself lucky, as it allows him to link his name with the most humble and genius person of our nation, in some ways.

Ojas Prashant Joshi Inspiring Success Story

“Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid of standing still.”

Following the path outlined by Chanakya, the young mastermind is working hard to get into IIT, where he can discover new things, learn beyond his knowledge, and can develop better ideas to help our country grow.


If you have any talent, don’t be afraid to inspire the world through it. Ojas Prashant Joshi, a 17-year-old boy, had proved that your talent, skill, and capabilities should always motivate you to grow in life. He did not hold himself to the creation of world record but has his eyes on the target of making our nation proud.