By: Team Drilers | 07 January, 2019
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Imagine you are paid to do something that you love the most. How wonderful life would be - living your dreams. Lucky are those who get choices in life to transform their passion into their jobs.

"I worked harder at my craft, and it took some time, but here I am today doing what I want to do." - Loni Love

Among those a few lucky people, one is Nishka Mehta of Bangalore, India, who successfully transformed her life long passion for painting into a well-off art venture named "Art Beat". Not only she stopped there but she went further ahead in becoming a 23-year-old entrepreneur of an e-commerce art studio in Bangalore.

She considers herself a savior of traditional art by improving and preserving it from getting lost in today’s digital world.

"When work is what you love to do, it's not Work - it's serving." - Alan Mulally

The beginning of Journey

Nishka was born and raised in Bangalore, and her passion for art began at a very young age of four. It was her elder sister who persuaded her to sketch. Nishka was very fond of this new hobby and always look for an opportunity to get a pen and paper and indulge herself in the dream world of sketching.

Nishka Mehta Artist | Founder at Art Beat | Co-Founder at Paint Bar Bangalore

As she grew up, maturity and responsibility struck her, and she found an attraction towards fashion designing. She started to ascend towards her aim by keeping nose to the grindstone. Meanwhile, she began her graduation in Bachelor of Business Management from Christ University in 2013.

The universe had other plans for Nishka; her fashion designing dream fell off the wagon, the moment she got rejected from her dream college. She left in total despair, but then her family came to rescue their daughter, and save her from getting drowned to depression. They made her realize that it is never too late for a fresh beginning.

How Art became Her Life

Nishka decided to continue with her old love of "Art" and eventually landed on the concept of "Art Beat". Beginning to realize that a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, she discussed her idea with her parents, and they were willing to support her through all thick and thin.

"The hardest part of success is adapting to the people around you that's changing." - Nayvadius Cash

Nishka received her first investment from her father as a sum of 12000 rupees which was a head start to her art venture.

Her initial idea was to eliminate the misconception in people's mind that art is expensive. She consulted a few local artists and organized an exhibition by pricing the creations at an affordable price. She also believed that anything and everything could easily get customized.

Nishka Mehta Indian Entrepreneur

Regrettably, Nishka and her leap of faith did not turn out as a success since she failed to attract the general audience. The real customers were absent; all of them were either her friends or family.

Hitting the blank wall

When she hit rock bottom, she decided to take her art venture online, knowing, there was nothing else left to lose. She created a Facebook page hoping to reach as many customers as possible and also to spread the word about the ArtBeat. She started sharing the pictures of her collections and gradually began to come to people's notice.

"There are many talented people who haven't fulfilled their dreams because they over thought it, or they were too cautious and were unwilling to make the leap of faith." - James Cameron

Nishka cracked her first real business deal at a loss as she was willing to take the opportunity. She started selling free paintings and took up a few small orders considering it as an investment for the future. Meanwhile, she started implementing her commerce studies in ArtBeat and began to get a foothold in the art industry.

Finally, it was time to strike the hammer till the iron was hot, and Nishka did the same. She expanded her venture, by accepting every challenge that comes in her way, from designing small cafes, homes, and even corporate offices. Patience and hard work paid off, and she started getting the recognition she had been craving for long.

Kissing Success

As of today, Nishka is the sole owner of a successful Art company which she had created by burning the candle at both ends. Nishka's ArtBeat designs different handmade artworks which include coasters, magnets, miniature-frames, portraits, wall paintings, and many more. Her annual turnover now is around 7 to 8 lakhs, and figures keep increasing over time.

Many big companies showed interest in being a part of ArtBeat, but Nishka prefers working alone as she believes that too many cooks might spoil the food and ArtBeat is something that she had built with blood, sweat, and tears.

"The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will." - Vince Lombardi

Some of her marvelous works can be seen in the following places:

The head office of the OnePlus mobile company

The office of Roadrunner and Tuckshop in Koramangala

The Orange Bicycle and Kitschdii Store in Indiranagar

The Outfit Gym in Kalyanagar

The CatStudio

Nishka was recently invited to attend the TEDx Bangalore - an inspirational event, for a painting workshop she did recently.

Nishka Mehta, India Artist | Founder at Art Beat | Co-Founder at Paint Bar Bangalore, India


Nishka and her exhilarating journey show that there are no secrets or shortcuts to success. You must dive in and show consistency in preparation, hard work, and keep learning from failure.

"Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do." - Pele


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