By: Team Drilers | 16 September, 2019
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This world is full of unlimited possibilities, and with that, we may have many options to choose in our life. However, when it comes to following your love and passion, then nothing can stop you from achieving the great heights of success. Navneet Pathak, a 21-year boy who dropped out of college to follow his passion of becoming an artist, is a living example. Let’s have a look at his fantastic journey of fulfilling his artistic dreams through his YouTube channel Chu Chu Ke Funs. 

The Birth of a Prodigy

In 1999, a boy with immense talent took birth on 29th March in a humble middle-class family of Agra. As if his parents already predicted the ability of their son, the baby was named Navneet, whose talent was supposed to remain new forever. He completed his schooling from Agra Public School.

In his growing years, he always found the love and support of his family with him. This helped him to flourish as a really strong person with the belief of fulfilling his dreams.

Navneet Pathak Pandit Indian Youtuber, Director at Chu chu Ke Funs

The Dream of a Future

As the years pass by, the boy was leading a regular college life without any hint of the future. But, as rightly said, good people always have an angel in their life which guide them on the right path towards their goals. Even before Navneet realized his talent, one of his friends did. His childhood friend, Amber Sharma saw the potential of acting in his young pal and then gave him the required push to start the journey of theatre.

“Dream, Dream, Dream. Dreams Transform into Thoughts and Thoughts Result in Action.” - APJ Abdul Kalam

It always helps an artist to grow and flourish if he has a talent, and people are around to back him up. Same happens with Navneet, and without much ado, he packed his bags and left for the city of dreams, Mumbai, with a desire of entertaining the world.

Overcoming obstacles is the price of dreams

Survival in the new city can never be easy, and this was one of the first learning for the young lad. Along with putting all his efforts towards acting, Navneet was also doing some usual jobs for his survival. He did everything he could, beginning from doing photography at wedding events for a mere Rs 300 to preparing plays at schools and colleges for their annual functions. All this continued, however, in 2011, one fine day, he found himself at a stage and from there on, all he could do was act and perform.

Path unfolds

“Everything will be alright in the end so if it is not alright it is not the end.” -Deborah Moggach

Dreams are never free, and they come with the hefty price of sweat and blood. Where most people crumble with pressure so immense that they can hardly breathe, this talented actor from Agra began bagging awards.

Navneet Pathak Pandit Success Story | Chu Chu Ke Funs | Biography

Starting his journey as a theatre artist back in 2011, received two national awards in 2014 and 2015 in the National Theatre Festival. Finally, his dream of performing and entertaining people come true, and he was there enjoying every moment of it to its core.

A journey of hardships before success

While taking his dreams of entertaining people to the next level, Navneet realized the potential of YouTube. But sadly, even all his hard work and money invested in making YouTube videos were landing in vain. Being a newcomer to this domain, many of his videos got flagged as inappropriate due to copyright issues.

The best part of Navneet was his commitment and dedication to fulfill his passion. He always believed in his parent’s teaching that we couldn't achieve success without proper hard work and discipline. This is how he worked harder and took a step ahead towards his success.

A Beautiful Consequence of Dreams

“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.”- Walt Disney

His struggles continued, until one day, his fun video gathered all the attention of the audience and went viral at a tremendous level. This funny vine gave him great motivation and Navneet decided to name his channel on one of his famous characters, Chuchu.

After renaming the channel to Chu Chu Ke Funs, he started putting on fun videos with pranks and comedy. Following the success of this channel, he extends his realm of entertainment to TikTok.

Since on both YouTube and Tik Tok his work was made solely for one purpose, to perform for his fans, the audience gave him immense love.

Navneet Pathank Pandit Youtuber Success Story

He deservedly won the YouTube Silver Play Button for his efforts in the field of entertainment. Journeying forward, he also received popular creator tag from Tik Tok, the Golden YouTube Tag, Crown Tag from Likee. Now, his fame his so widespread among youth, that Navneet also receives invitations for various celebrity events.


“A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work.” - Colin Powell

As very well said, one should always choose the path which takes them towards their passion. Navneet Pathak Pandit, a young talented boy who wanted to entertain people, has done everything from wedding photography to school functions to live for his dreams. His hard work paid off in terms of immense love and admiration from his audience. His thought of cheering people with his fun and pranks takes him on the way of making positive India.