By: Team Drilers | 15 March, 2019
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"Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough." - Og Mandino

Ansar Shaikh, now a renowned name in the country has tremendously etched his name in the history by clearing the UPSC civil services exam at the age of 21! Ansar Ahmad Shaikh cleared the IAS exam in his first attempt, and thus: breaking all the previous records. The zeal and hard-work have eventually contributed in making him stand out of the crowd. UPSC is perhaps one of the toughest exams that one can ever crack. Numerous people take the exam each year and only few could make up to the list. He is the one who scored AIR 361, in the young age of just 21 leaving everyone bewildered.

A Brief Overview About the Young IAS Officer

Ansar Shaikh is the son of Yonus Shaikh Ahmad, who is an autorickshaw driver in Shedgaon village located in Jalna in Maharashtra. His mother also works really hard in fields to ensure better nurture to her family. Ansar’s younger brother also contributes in the family earning and he works in a garage and he dropped out his education in the 7th standard to help his brother to prepare for the IAS exam.

Hard work and dedication can do wonders for you!

The young IAS officer Ansar Shaikh worked for 12 hours a day for around 3 years to chase his dream of clearing the UPSC exam. Though education wasn’t the priority in his family, he managed to reach the pinnacle of success through his dedication and a fanaticism to learn. 

Ansar Shaikh IAS officer at the young age of 21

He says that education was not given a priority in their family, since his father, a rickshaw driver has three wives, and the second one is his mother who works hard in the fields to support their family. He adds that his younger brother had to drop out of the school in the class 7th and her sisters were married at an early age. Moreover, he said that his life was quite challenging, especially when the only priority for them was to cover up the basic needs of their family. 

Dreams do come true; you just need to put a little effort!

Ansar was a bright student from the beginning and he managed to score 91% in his tenth standard. Moreover, the young IAS holds a degree in political science from a college based in Pune. He is one of a kind person who has eventually managed to live with limited resources and insufficient study material. All he had was just a courage and devotion that took him a long way towards his dreams. He is a real motivation for people who blame their family conditions and other such unfavorable circumstances for their failure. 

Early Life of Ansar

His father is an Autorickshaw driver and earns enough just to cover the basic needs of the entire family. His family never gave an importance to the studies as they were not able to afford even the basic necessities. His mother also works determinately in the fields to feed his family. The younger brother left the school in his 7th standard and worked in a garage to support the family and to augment the studies of his elder brother. 

Ansar also attended a private coaching for the UPSC civil services exam preparation. Ansar says that his family has been really working hard to fulfill the needs of the entire family, and especially for his coaching and other study material related needs. 

Ansar Shaikh are the ones who challenge their destiny and turn things in their favor with their dedication and hard work


People like Ansar Shaikh are the ones who challenge their destiny and turn things in their favor with their dedication and hard work. One should never ever consider the surrounding conditions as an obstacle in chasing their dreams rather overcome it by consider it a challenge. Ansar is one of the inspirational personals of the country who have achieved great success in their young age.

"The past cannot be changed. The future is yet in your power."