By: Team Drilers | 29 March, 2019
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"There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved" - George Sand

There is a very true saying that the actual happiness lies in the happiness of others. This is what the concept of NGO in Bengaluru, compassionate clowns says, founded by Harish Bhuvan in 2013. He is on a mission to spread love and laughter among the medically ill children in. What he gets from this, can’t be explained easily as it is a feeling which does not require any word. Harish, a 27-year-old man from Bangalore is spreading love and laughter through a unique initiative of medical clowning.

Harish Bhuvan Inspiring Journey


Compassionate Clown concept Evolution

It all started when an old friend of Harish took him to Brigade Road where they a watched a clown perform for the masses. After coming from the show, he and his friend made up their mind to start something different and bring smiles to the faces of everyone. It was then they decided to perform in the Hospitals. In their first attempt, they do not know what to do and they even fall on the stage but the people were loving that and they were happy to see their act.

Going by one by one step, Harish build his reputation and collect friends so that it became easy for him to get permission, organize play at different places and work in a decentralized manner. Hospitals corridors come alive when Harish and his clowns make their way to the children’s ward. The intense energy of all of them singing their trademark ‘Banana’ song can really create a different atmosphere at the hospital which has a therapeutic effect.

“The first thing we try to do is connect with the patients. We ask them what they like. I have discovered that asking what people like to eat is a winning question" -  Harish Bhuvan

Harish Bhuvan Story

With a view to taking this concept to the next level, Harish left his job as an academician in the Indian Institute of Technology (Bombay). With his efforts, the organization has already evolved a lot. Although they have to depend on the donation from a handful of people, he is sure of having funds in hand in the near future. Harish is also excited to have Compassionate Clowns’ international debut in Singapore in collaboration with Sanrakshan Pvt. Ltd. 


Harish can be a great inspiration for those who are living their life in despair without knowing the actual source of happiness. We all need to understand that everyone needs a little love and source of happiness. It is necessary to love and make others happy to achieve true happiness. Compassionate Clowns is a space where we co-create a place for love and laughter. Harish is proving that laughter is the best cure for any sickness. We wish the Harish great luck for his wonderful work of making others happy.


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