By: Team Drilers | 03 April, 2020
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"Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile." - Albert Einstein

The above quote can easily be attributed to the life of the doctors, nurses, and other people associated with the health industry, who completes the meaning of their life by serving others. Today also, when the whole world is under lockdown due to the dangerous Coronavirus, health professionals are not only seamlessly serving the patients but also working hard to find the cure of this pandemic. One such pioneer is Dr. Vishal Rao, a famous Bangalore-based oncologist, whose claim of finding effective treatment of Covid-19, has filled new hopes for India.

Ongoing Coronavirus vaccine research

With the substantial increase in the number of Coronavirus cases in the whole world, every country is doing intensive examination about the composition of this virus. Although the world as a whole is maintaining the social distance and doing their part in this fight by staying indoors, health professionals are working 24*7 to develop either a treatment or an effective vaccine for this disease. As proper testing and approvals are needed for any drug to be made available for public usage, so most of the claims about the successful creation of the medicine are still in the trial phase. Indian doctors have also started participating in a WHO-led trial of medication, after the approval from the health ministry, and Dr. Vishal Rao is among the first ones to claim his idea about creating a drug for this infectious disease. 

Coronavirus vaccine Covid-19

Working of the medicine and future scope

"Not all battles are fought for victory, some are fought to tell the world that someone was there on the battlefield." - Ravish Kumar

Dr. Vishal is one of the best oncologists in India and has always pushed his limits to serve humanity. Likewise, he, along with his team, started working on finding the cure for the patients of Covid-19 even when the number of infected cases was very less. Through continuous efforts and dedication, they found out that there are certain chemicals like interferon, which can kill most of the viruses. As these substances can’t be released by our body when someone is infected from Sars-Cov-2, so it leads to a weak immune system and increases the chances of having the worst impact on the body from Covid-19. They have been successful in making this chemical using the cells found on the buffy coat of the blood taken out of a person’s body. A mixture of this component with some other cytokines, in a specific concoction, has the potential to develop a useful medicine against Coronavirus. Although they are in the very initial stage but optimistic about getting it ready with the first set in 3-4 days. As Dr. Vishal Rao is familiar with the drug testing procedure in India, so he has already sent an application to the government for an expedited review of this possible treatment with the hope of getting approvals soon. 


As God cannot be everywhere, so he sent the Doctors with excellence and selflessness to maintain the belief of people in humanity. The fighting spirit against any complication has helped the world in recovering more potent several times in the past as well. Dr. Vishal Rao also believes the same and hence trying every possibility to find the treatment for this virus. If his formula for the treatment gets approval from the Indian govt after going through subsequent testing, then it will help to eradicate the Covid-19 not only from India but also from the whole world. As a successful oncologist, his invention of a very low-cost Aum Voice Prosthesis for the throat cancer patients to bring back the voice of patients after being operated in the last stage sparks more hopes for the success of his Coronavirus vaccine research. 

Dr Vishal Rao Coronavirus research

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