By: Team Drilers | 17 October, 2019
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The beginning of any story starts with a dream and without a direction. It is only those who persevere that find true happiness and joy of life. Fighting through and knowing what you want may not take you to your dream initially, but in time everything falls into place.

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”- Aristotle

The story of a young YouTuber, Divya Gandotra, started like most young enthusiasts and self-made person’s journey, with a dream and out of nowhere. When she wasn’t really looking, her life’s destiny happened, and she hasn’t stopped since then.

Slow And Steady Start

Born on 5th June 2002 to a pair of parents as Divya Tandon, she grew up with her mother and maternal grandparents. She spent her childhood in Jammu and Kashmir, where she went to Kendriya Vidyalaya.

Her life was not like ordinary children, she grew up without her father, but her mother, Nani and Nanu made her life very fulfilling and fun. As a student, she never did like studying much, but her real interest lay in the curiosity of various software types, the different set-ups and how things came to be.

Indian Youtuber Divya Gandotra, Young Achievers 2019 Awardee

Prying about her interests, little Divya grew up to enjoy, love and respect technology. Her thirst for technology and her zeal to understand everything brought her to YouTube, the platform for young, talented people and for all the answers in the world.

The Quest To Conquer

When Divya Gandotra found Youtube, she studied the videos on the platform, enjoying and learning at the same time. Her fascination, unlike most people of her age who would spend time watching music videos or funny pranks, was to research and learn about people who came from nowhere and succeed in their lives. She was attracted to the Zero to Hero stories and found herself watching one story after the other.

“People often say that this or that person has not yet found himself. But the self is not something one finds, it is something one creates.” - Thomas Szasz

While she was watching the videos, she was inspired to become somebody her family would be proud of. She was motivated and filled to the brim with newfound inspiration. As life would have it, encouragement and chances strike when they are least expected, Divya had stumbled upon her ticket to success and her goal in life. 

Watching inspirational stories on YouTube lead her to the path of his dream. It's then she understood that all she wanted was to become a YouTuber, one who can stand out from the crowd, with her glory and success.

The Bumpy Beginning

Once she knew what she wanted to do, Divya did not take a breath until she got that. A little girl was very clueless when it came to the point of starting her career. But, she decided not to waste her time overthinking what would or could happen, and took her problems to YouTube. She did her never-ending research on how to become a YouTuber on YouTube itself.

Ironic as it was, she found many helpful videos and soon began to make her own. However, things weren’t as simple as she thought they would be. Starting a channel, called Technical Divya, she recorded videos and put in all the hard work she had in her. Sadly, the response was not good, and she found herself heartbroken.

Divya Gandotra – A influencer, Entrepreneur And a Successful Tech YouTuber

With nothing good coming out of her channel, she analyzed the situation and at last, gave up on Technical Divya. But that wasn’t the end!

The Restart, Bouncy But Better

Most young YouTubers give up when they are not well appreciated by the public and decide to drop out of it, and many others start believing that not everyone can become one. Though, Divya had set her mind on becoming a successful YouTuber and making her own identity in the world.

“Consistency is what matters the most in triggering something important to your life.” - Abdul Rauf

Deciding to start over, she set up a new channel, Tech Divya. With this channel, she had more success than the previous one. At present, there are more than 100 videos online and she has finally attained what she had wanted to. However, this journey was not simple.

Divya Gandotra 16 Year's old Youtuber, who is best known for making videos about Tech Content and other stuff's.

Her greatest challenge has been how to create content that was not only enjoyable, informative and fun to watch, but unique. Persevering through the tough times, she continued to grow with each step along the journey. Despite facing problems and negative responses, she decided to follow her path without looking back even once. Finally, her hard work for two years paid off when she was awarded by the Entrepreneur Young Achievers Award in Delhi and Incredible Indian Icon Award in Indore.

Right Perspective Leads To Right Path

“Wherever life plants you, bloom with grace.” - French Proverb

During difficult times when she did not know what kind of videos to post, the only thing she keeps in her mind is honesty and transparency. She knows the viewers always wanted to watch something real, and that's what she decided to offer them. Talented and fun, Divya makes use of YouTube channels to entertain people, create informative videos on various tech-related matters, and continues to stay honest.

Despite failing once, she did not let that fade her talent. Secret Superstar, the Bollywood movie, gave her a boost of inspiration through the tough times of life. It was the unsettling times when she realized that the hate messages and comments could be a guide, and she began to learn from them. Additionally, she discovered understanding and working on the suggestions from viewers were yet another way that could help her continue growing in her field. 

More Than A YouTuber

Apart from being a YouTuber and awardee of incredible awards, she is also a certified Digital Marketer (Fundamental of Digital marketing by Google Unlocked). As a digital performer, she has had the chance of meeting many celebrities, and those who have inspired her.

She continues to work on her channel, and this time she does not intend to stop Tech Divya, no matter what may come. Her dedication and love towards her profession made this talented techie part of the group of unique people who did not work to earn but worked to satisfy the hunger of their soul. And Divya is someone who is making sure she will reach zenith through the path taken.


“All the wonders you seek are within yourself.” - Thomas Browne

Divya Gandotra found her dream, and when she did, she decided to give her all. Like any driven dreamer, she failed once and faced difficulties. Her life was not as simple as it appeared on screen, and despite that, she continuously found ways of making her videos better. 

They say that “it is always harder than it looks,” and Divya’s story is not an exception to that. However, a young and budding YouTuber shows us that despite the hatred you get from people, and regardless of the hardships thrown by life, it is always better to keep moving and learning along the way, because eventually, you’ll get where you need to be!