By: Team Drilers | 13 August, 2019
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Acting is one such art that requires dedication and talent. As most people would be interested in the business of performance for reasons such as fame and money, there are still some who do it just because they love it.

“Dream is not the thing you see in sleep but is that thing that doesn't let you sleep.”― A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

Deepanshu Goyal is a new generation actor whose story teaches us meaningful lessons of how dedication and a bit of support from our loved ones get us to a long way in life.

The beginning of the talent

On August 14th, 1995, a beautiful baby boy was born to the Goyal family of Delhi and was named Deepanshu. This little boy was living a regular life from going to school, finishing homework, to working hard during exams, to playing with kids of his age.

Deepanshu Goyal: Actor with boy-next-door quality excelling his way to B-town

Everything was going normal, until one day, his 6th-grade math teacher offered him a role in a school play. Fortunately, the skit was good, but the performance of this talented lad went exceptionally well. All the applause received became the seed of motivation for acting in his heart.

Taking small steps in the right direction

Now, Deepanshu, unknowingly, started seeking for opportunities where he can showcase his newly found talent. This little aspiring bud started participating more and more in similar activities to explore further. He never left a single opportunity of acting. Nonetheless, he used to entertain his classmates as well through his act, proving that his schools played an important role in laying his roots well. This continued even when he switched his school to Gandhi Memorial, and the talent was flourishing day by day.

Realizing his true potential

“I think that our fundamental belief is that for us growth is a way of life and we have to grow at all times.”- Mukesh Ambani

Years keep passing similarly, and so does his passion. While pursuing B.Com from Shyam Lal College, he got various opportunities to live his dream, both inside and outside the classroom. During his time at college, he started getting small opportunities. Taking every opportunity, his strides never ceased. And, ultimately the smiles and laughs shared with his classmates made him realize he wanted to take acting up as a profession.


The chances he had been waiting for

After college, witnessing that he had finally found what he wanted to do, he moved to the city of dreams, Mumbai. For him, acting was natural, but all the other required complementary things were pulling him down. The showbiz industry is never gentle on those who try to enter without connections. That time, a smooth sailing boat hits the iceberg, since the journey to the screen does not seem as easy now as he’d hoped for and his dreams might shatter. However, when God decides your destination, he also shows you the right path to reach there.

Deepanshu Goyal - Actor, Model    Deepanshu Goyal
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Without a job, surviving into a new city forced him to think about giving up. But at that very moment, his most significant support system, his family came to his rescue. Along with them, it was one of his friends, Amar Sethi, played the role of a real savior for him and helped him in staying and stuck by him even during his bad times.

The long-awaited Success!

Finally, this young talented actor found his break! He landed a role in Zindagi Ke Crossroads (SonyTv) and all it brings an end to all his troubles, pain, and hardships. And, from there on, the journey just continued!

“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” - Walter Disney

Ater signing for Zindagi Ke Crossroads, Deepanshu continued to work hard. His consistent approach and consistent efforts helped him to land many other major roles in Crime Alert on Dangal, Mere Sai on SonyTv, Aap Ke Ae Jane Sai on ZeeTv, Muskaan on Star Bharat and many others. 

With this, he also found a way to stay fit. Since how you look and your psyche matter a lot when you act, Deepanshu even started maintaining his body. Thanks to which, he has begun modeling a bit too, and he loves it!


“Success is achieved twice. Once in the mind and the second time in the real world.”- Azim Premji

For Deepanshu, finding his love for acting was nothing short of serendipity. Beginning from a small question asked by his grade 6 math teacher, he now appears on the television screens. Starting small and going steady once he made up his mind to be an actor, he worked really hard to get where he is. His story is the perfect example of small steps in the right direction definitely take you to your destination!