By: Team Drilers | 15 March, 2019
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Anuj Rakyan, the pride owner of India's 1st Cold Pressed Juice Company, RAW Pressery. From an Investment banker to the brand consultant, Anuj Rakyan, the founder of RAW Pressery has created a breakthrough in the lives of millions of Indians who are in thirst of healthy goods and products. Starting with 1.5 crores in 2014, Anuj became a billionaire with his firm having a market of 250 crores in just 42 months. His story is a perfect metaphor which portrays the prominence of execution and idea for a successful firm.

“No matter what people tell you, Ideas and Words change the world” - Robbin Williams

Before starting RAW Pressery

Before starting RAW Pressery Anuj completed his graduation course from Duke University, North California. He then completed a course in marketing and started his career as an investment banker at Morgan Stanley Financial services company. Anuj then joined Future Brand as a Brand Consultant. He then came back to India and made his mark in the Diamonds and Jewellery serving companies like Gitanjali Gems and Nirav Modi Jewels for almost 10 years.

“If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done before” -Anuj Rakyan

Anuj got interested in cold-pressed juices and realized it’s importance when he broke his back which made him immobile during his rehabilitation. He researched and learned a lot about the importance of nutrition to stay healthy. He then found that 100% natural ingredients make the juice unique, healthy and tasty. 

It all started from his kitchen

Anuj was deeply disappointed to find no products which meet his health requirements. Then an idea struck his mind saying, “why not make my own juice at home?” and decided to produce them on his own in his kitchen. In the beginning, he used to deliver the products with the Dabbawala network in Mumbai and Pune to a few of his clients.

Anuj Rakyan Founder of India's 1st Cold Pressed Juice Company Raw Pressery

With 80 lakhs of his own and with the help of his family and friends, Anuj started RAW with 1.5 crores in 2014. After getting funding and having companies like Sequoia Capital, Foodhall, and Godrej onboard in August 2015, RAW became the 1st Company to have the HPP Machine in Asia. Anuj uses this cold-press technology to produce healthy juices and preserves the nutrition value of fruits and vegetables without any added preservatives. Anuj started with 6 flavors and now expanded to 30 variety of drinks with 4 different categories. RAW is expanded to 10 major cities and 1000 outlets in the country with around 200 employees. 

The drinks produced by RAW have a shelf life of 21 days and if unsold by the retailer, are taken back and distributed in various events while they are still safe. RAW is also a step forward in helping the poor children by providing them school uniform produced from recycling their used bottles.

“We aim to give back to nature by changing the way we look at things, till things we look at change” - Anuj Rakyan

Anuj’s Rakyan Founder Raw Pressery Mumbai Based firm

Beauty joins RAW

With Jacqueline Fernandez as it’s brand ambassador, Anuj’s company is now planning to enter the food products. Labeled as “clean label”, they are planning to supply natural food which resembles the home food which is supplied in ready to eat food packets. Anuj is also planning to break the barriers and expand his cold-press empire to Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Anuj says that the sky is the limit for their expansion.


Anuj’s story is an inspiration to all the young minds, innovators, and entrepreneurs. It is also the perfect example of how a small initiative towards an idea can create a huge impact on making a 250 crores company from 5 crores within 42 months.

“Ideas come from anywhere and at any time. The problem is with making mental notes with the ink which fades very rapidly” - Anuj Rakyan