By: Team Drilers | 13 October, 2020
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The world is full of motivation, but the people who strive to accomplish their desire make an actual difference. We find many inspiring personalities or art around us, but in reality, how many of us have ever tried to accomplish our dreams? There are very few people who have done so, and Amrutha R is one of them. The young girl dreamed of being a well-known micro artist and soap-sculptor in India, and now, she is unstoppably on her way to achieving it.

“There are some people who live in a dream world, and there are some who face reality, and then there are those who turn one into the other.” -Douglas H. Everett

Birth Of The Dream

Amrutha was born on 25 December 1996 in a reputed family of Mr. Anilkumar and Mrs. Remadevi in the Kollam district of Kerala. She completed schooling from Govt. UPS Kumaranchira, and Santhinikethanam Model HSS. During the school days, this student recognised the interest in art and craft and subsequently started spending more time in learning new proficiency and methods to create it. Unlike other students of her age, this newborn artist would try to build a modern version of the inspiring portrayal. Soon colors, brushes, papers, and clay became her friends, and the ability to craft became passion and hence began seeking new forms of artwork. 

Amrutha R artist story

Later, it was in 11th standard when she came across micro art after watching the movie Eecha (Makhi in Hindi), in which the lead actress was a micro artist who made impressive miniature sculptures. When people around Amrutha were viewing the cinema, her eyes longed to see more of the minor carvings, mainly the pencil carved heart locket. Inspired by the pencil carving in the film, this artist decided to make the same heart locket on a small piece of candle. After many hours of patience and hardwork, the productive girl successfully created a similar pendant and was overjoyed by the result. Her friends were impressed by the art piece and further encouraged to make more sculptures. Thus, she got a clear vision to move forward as a creator and so determined to fulfil it.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” -Eleanor Roosevelt

Learning The Art

Amrutha tried new carvings and started thinking of better ideas for improving her skills. The dedicated sculptor would spend hours adding the new crafts to her collection. Unfortunately, she was not aware of the opportunity and popularity of the proficiency for a couple of years until stepping for higher education at TKM College of Arts and Science. Here the avid learner came across various pencil arts on several websites and then started carving on crayons, color pencils, chalks, and other objects. Seeing these artworks, everyone praised and uplifted her to take more challenges. Thus, the artisan decided to carve on the soap bar and, following several trials, finally sculpted a face. Instead of being satisfied with the result, the young artist continued practicing and mastered the art. 

Amrutha R awardee  

“Art is not a mirror held up to reality, but a hammer with which to shape it.” -Berthold Brecht

She was delighted in the dream world until the real problem arose when her passion became a distraction for studies, and this ultimately made her parents worried about their daughter’s future. According to them, good education can help in pursuing a government job which in return will give a prosperous and secure life ahead. This broke the heart of the growing artist, so she made up her mind to concentrate on education and take up an occupation as per her parents’ wish. But this could not keep her away from soap sculpting, hence the artist utilized a few hours of the day in carving whenever her parents were not around. During this hardship, her elder sister Anju supported and helped in managing the studies and art. It was a tough time, still she did not lose hope or stopped chasing ambitions. Succeeding her schooling, the promising young woman appeared for several government exams and also looked for the opportunities in her craft.

Unveiling Her Craft

One day, Amrutha came to know about a miniaturist, Mr. Manoj Violine, through a news channel, and the eagerness to be familiar with him could not keep this girl away from finding his contact details. Later, she contacted the well-known sculptor, and like an enthusiastic child, enquired about his work, techniques he uses, and also shared her sculptures. Recognizing the flair of Amrutha, he introduced her to a creative group in Kerala. Joining the group proved to be a tremendous experience as here she learned more about the work, its techniques, and made new friends. The radiant star became more precise and upgraded the skills with this group.

Amrutha R soap artist

With this experience, she was ready for a bigger platform, so joined Kerala Pencil Carvers’ official group and showcased her mastery. Everybody in this group appreciated and supported the exceptional carver to work on new things by making her part of their projects. Here, Amrutha got the opportunity to take up challenging tasks and use modern techniques, and this gave new confidence and determination. 

“Talent is a universal gift, but it takes a lot of courage to use it. Don’t be afraid to be the best.” -Paulo Coelho

Ensuring this further exposure, she started dreaming of creating a record in micro art. While researching various achievements in the field, she read about Dr. Venkatesh Gettam, who is a Guinness Book world record holder from Andhra Pradesh. His works inspired Amrutha and, thus, contacted him. Venkatesh encouraged her to make a career and to do more experiments in the field. He gave a new ray of hope for achieving the dream and for convincing her parents.

Setting New Goals

Amrutha has decided to fulfil the dream of breaking all the world records in art, and she strives to make this desire a reality. The notable carver has committed to take a stand for the passion in any condition and to pursue it. Along with sculpting, she has applied for a job in Kerala police. It will not only give a Government job and erase all the worries of her parents but also will provide financial help for chasing the dream. 

Amrutha R biography

Amrutha made her dream come true in September 2020 by making two world records on her name, one Champions Book of World Record and another Supreme Book of World Record. This achievement made her determined more than ever before to do something big in the field of sculpting. Above all, the emerging artist has planned to train young talents, spread awareness regarding the exposure from art, and explain how this can be an ultimate career goal. The inspirational sculptor wants to simplify the journey for new artists. Aiming only for your dream can make you happy, but creating a path for yourself and others, spreads happiness. Thus, Amrutha’s aspirations are pure and passionate, which has given her wings to achieve them.


“A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others.” –Ayn Rand

People like Amrutha who inspire the world by teaching how firm determination can help you to make way for your dream. Learning new art and working for it even when there are obstacles on the way deserves appreciation. The way she accepted the criticism and shaped herself for fulfilling the goal is a true inspiration for the people who wish to pursue the art. Her journey to reach the purpose may be long, but her strong desire and hard work will make her successful.