By: Team Drilers | 25 July, 2019
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“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” - Arthur Ashe

One of the hardest things in life is to handle the criticisms. Life is a mix of various things, and critiques are a part of it. What most of us usually forget is that reviews help us power through problems in life, and take us to success. The same is the case of Aashiv Midha, a YouTuber, who found his life’s dreams and attained success by following through his goals, all the while learning from negative comments.


However, his success did not come easily, working hard and keeping a positive mindset did seem to trouble him for a while, but he got back on track! Winner of the Silver Play Button and the winner of “Popular Tag” on TikTok, Midha’s uniqueness sets him apart from the crowd.


Dreams never come easy

Coming from a humble family in Delhi, Aashiv grew up with three elder sisters. His father is a financial advisor and his mother is a beautician. Working hard at his studies, he had always been a class topper. Rather than dreaming to be an actor, as most young children do, he wanted to be an engineer or a scientist.

However, as he grew, he found his father’s field more interesting. Taking up commerce for the last two years at his school, Pioneer Public School, he worked hard. During this time, since he had been greatly inspired by his father’s work, he wanted to become a CA. Aashiv’s father had one dream, and it was to see his son become a CA.

Aashiv Midha Indian Youtuber

On a quest to make his father’s dreams come true, Aashiv dedicated himself wholly and completely to putting his efforts into one direction. He took up CA classes at a coaching center and applied for B.Com at a correspondence college, to avoid distractions. He had set his goals. While he was studying and trying to make his father proud, he came across YouTube. And that was when YouTube, changed his life forever.


YouTube: A boon in Midha’s life

Aashiv Midha, a boy from Sant Nagar, had never been a person who stopped when he knew what he wanted. Striving to be a son his parents were proud of, he was studying hard for CA, but his heart was not in it completely. When he came across YouTube and watched the trending videos online, he believed that he found his purpose.

Impressed by what YouTube was for, he decided to do something of his own. He knew he had acting in his blood as his father was also an actor once, Aashiv determined to be successful. Without wasting a second’s chance, he started creating videos and uploading them on YouTube.

Unfortunately, the reviews he received, in turn, were horrible and full of criticisms. Trying his best even then, never giving up, Aashiv continued with all his heart. But all of it was in vain. He never got any positive reviews, and his dream of becoming a hotshot YouTuber died down.

Heartbroken and sad, he finished his college and took up a job, he did not like, at an MNC. He only made sixteen thousand a month, but it helped him do something for the time being.

The long-awaited inspiration

"All of us do not have equal talent. But, all of us have an equal opportunity to develop our talents.” -APJ Kalam

Aashiv Midha Youtube Content Creator

Aashiv had completely given up on YouTube. Believing that he had done his best and it was still not enough, he decided to walk away from it. His videos had hardly received 500-600 views, and that was extremely demotivating for him.

However, a chance, an opportunity soon came up. Midha got invited to a YouTube party, and that night changed it all for him. Attending the party, he met many YouTubers, many of whom had tasted failures before succeeding and that got this young lad all pumped up again.

That night, his eyes opened again, and this time he was a changed person. He decided to give YouTubing yet another shot and this time, he had convinced himself to continue no matter what. After all, life was about facing the problems it posed rather than running away!


The Struggle of new YouTuber

Starting all over again from scratch, he decided to do something different from the others. Since he was a watcher too, this content creator decided to do something that was not mainstream. His uniqueness came from spending time on his stories and the content to go online. Believing in his talents, he brought his 100% to his channel.

In the beginning, he got many negative comments, but things were different this time. Unlike the last time, when he would get dejected with comments and bad reviews, he took the opportunity to grow and not lose hope. He had set his goal, and that was to make his parents proud, so he kept going ignoring the hate.

Aashiv Midha Success Journey | Drilers

Juggling between work and YouTube, there were occasions when Aashiv had no time left for his personal life. When he asked his friends to share his video links, he only got cold replies, telling him that nobody had the time to share video links. Even with that, losing his friends’ support, he trusted that things would work out. Keeping his head straight, he took up every challenge in his way. Then one day, it all paid. His views went on increasing, his subscribers count raised, and everything was just as he had imagined.

Time to Reap the Benefits of Hard Work

A year and a half later of constant hustle and 60 videos, the day finally came! One of his videos hit a million views and his work got the recognition is needed. That video also helped Midha to increase his reach to many viewers and helped him get in touch with various other YouTubers! 

Aashiv Midha success story - Indian biography    Aashiv Midha Inspiring Success Journey from Becoming CA to Shining Youtubers

Since then, he quit his job and focused solely on YouTubing, which later got him the Silver Play Button. Never saying never, Aashiv, in hindsight, believes that his initial videos lacked many things. However, starting again, he made sure he learned what to do and how to do things that get results!


A Man of Many Talents

“There is so much space for everyone to perform and chase big, bold targets.” - Rohit Kapoor

YouTubing has never been simple, finding content that not only is entertaining but gets views as well, is a mammoth task. Aashiv, however, finds it rather thrilling to be different from the fellow YouTubers and is working day and night to bring content which is not ‘Desi’ to India.

After his success with YouTube, he decided to do something fun when TikTok came around. Just doing what he does, he hit the “Popular Creator” tag within twenty days, becoming the fastest ever! With his YouTube Channel growing by the second, he finds that his friends call his every now and then to feature in his videos, the very same ones who said they did not have the time to help him grow his channel.

The Dreams of the Future 

However, that is not even the best part of his YouTuber’s life, the best part comes when people come up to him and meet him, asking for pictures. Meeting his fans is always a joy ride, it helps Midha to do much more for them. The most enduring memory of meeting a fan is when he had been in CP, Delhi, with his mother and sister, out for a day, a fan came up to him and greeted him. Seeing the fan all excited, Midha felt warm and happy. He remembers that day even today with a smile, and pride of his mother is unforgettable for him.

Now, he dreams of visiting The Kapil Sharma Show as a guest and someday, would want to join the Bollywood as well. Dedicated as he is, he has been invited to many events as a VIP guest. His YouTube channel sings the saga of his hard work, with millions of views, one of them even got a billion views! A treat as it is for YouTubing, he has had many celebrities feature on his videos too, such as Millind Gaba, Akhil, Mini Mathur, Cyrus Sahukar and many others.

Aashiv Midha
Content Creator Delhi, India



“If people are not laughing at your goals, your goals are too small.” - Azim Premji

Aashiv began his YouTubing career as a content creator when he was in the second year of his B.Com. However, with consistent criticisms, he lost hope. With time, he found his zeal back and met people who had the same dreams and had been through what he had. Coming back, with a better hold, he never stopped even with the criticism. Continuing, he outdid his own expectations and is still going strong.