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Her Performance was so amazing that her Father touched her feet!

Sudha Chandran is an Indian film and television actress and an accomplished Bharatanatyam dancer.

Sudha Chandran is an Indian film and television actress.

Early life of Sudha Chandran

Sudha Chandran started learning dancing when she was 3 and half years old. She used to go school and then to her dance training and used to come home by 9:30 pm. In 10th she stood the first with 80%. In those olden times, 80% used to be equivalent to 95% of today. But instead of picking up Science she chooses Arts and continued with her dance as another career. She has performed at several events and hundreds of stage shows.

The Unexpected Turn in her Life

Start from where you are! Use What you have! Do what you can!

And suddenly life took a big turn and Sudha met with a major accident. This accident left some minor fractures and some cuts on her leg and she was probably the least injured person. But the numbers of patients were more and that too with a big number of injuries so doctor neglected Sudha. Sudha was generally attended by the interns. Due to which the cuts on her right ankle were neglected and this resulted in getting the foot gangrene. There was a fear of this spreading throughout the body and therefore my parents took a difficult decision of amputating her right foot. Sudha was completely shattered and she had realized her love for the dance.

Sudha DRILERS Story

Destiny had something else for her!

Only you can change your life, no one else can do it for you!

She did not lose her hopes and started walking again. It took her 4 months to walk straight. Not only that it took Sudha 3 more years to recover and walk again like normal people with the help of physiotherapy. People used to taunt her and feel pity for her as she couldn’t fulfill her dreams and also taunted that they won’t come true now.

But she did not quit her passion and her dreams. Though it was a slow and painful process she did not give up her passion. She fought for it. She learned every step with full concentration and determination. Finally, a day came where she was fully ready to perform on the stage and told her dad that she wants to perform again. After a long struggle, she performed in St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai. Sudha got a bit nervous but her strength was her grandmom. She asked Sudha to have faith in God and the miracle happened.

Sudha Chandran Inspirational Journey

Sudha performed with ease the Varanyam and also received a standing ovation from the audience. She also said in an interview that after this show her father came to her and touched her feet. According to her father, Sudha had done the impossible and he was proud of her. And thus she started her career in films and serials and also continued her passion, her “Dance”.


Disability can never be a weakness of a person. Be so strong and face all the hurdles with a strong willpower and determination. Trust me the goal will be all yours. Not even God will come in the middle of you and your goal if you so determined and focused on the goal.
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