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Nidhi Goyal India’s first visually impaired stand-up comedian.

Nidhi Goyal Inspiring Journey

“In the mind of every difficulty there lies opportunity.”- Albert Einstein

Nidhi Goyal is a 31-year-old female is a Stand-Up comedian from West Bengal. She got physically impaired at the age of 15. It was never a barrier for this extremely talented kid to raise her voice and pursue her dreams to be in the position in which she is at present.

“Although the world is full of suffering, it is full of overcoming it.”- Inspirational story of Nidhi Goyal, Stand-up comedian

Nidhi Goyal is India’s first visually impaired stand-up comedian. Nidhi is an independent living lady who is known for her bold words and her comedy. She is also a full-time activist. Nidhi Goyal is one of the happiest soul to talk with. She is an activist working on the disability rights and gender justice. Her voice is permitted to the national level but also at the international level.

Nidhi Goyal, India’s first blind stand up comedienne

Nidhi Goyal (Stand-Up Comedian)

Reaction after knowing she is blind

Nidhi Goyal lost her eyesight at the age of 15 after she was diagnosed with a degenerative eye disorder. She was a portrait painter and dancer from her childhood. Suddenly she was stuck in confusion about what to do in the future after facing this situation of losing eyesight. She never felt the life is done because eye no eyesight. Her family was her backing pillar for her. She knew it was a dark tunnel, but she also knew there was light at the end of the dark tunnel. And here she is enjoying her future after reaching the light.

Activist, Stand-Up comedian Nidhi Goyal

Being an activist, being someone who is working for disability rights and gender justice, Nidhi Goyal believed comedy is the best tool to advance the space of activism. And also to the message across to others. She has known for her bold presentation of topics which most of the audience feel hard to speak them out.

Nidhi Goyal wants to inject the thought that disability shouldn’t be the reason for one’s sympathy for others. Suffering is not the only thing what the disabled people experience. Speaking out about the things that you think should never be stopped because of the awkward feel about that issue. For example, if someone wants to talk about the “PMS,“ they should never feel bad about what others think and should have known that it is such a common thing and there is nothing wrong in speaking about it.

Nidhi Goyal Stand Up Comedian

Her Humor

More than her intention of more than shaking up people was more gently introducing them the topic. And sort of through humor to make people think and reflect. A lot of times, people start to perpetuate the thoughts and stigma that exist already or the mindsets that exist already, and we just don’t question. Exactly at this point, Nidhi Goyal has just tried to make them the question using her humor.

First time as a Stand-up comedian:

Nidhi Goyal performed her first show in Canvas Laugh Club. When she was on the podium, she ensured that no one of the audience knows that she is visually impaired. And, she revealed herself saying she is blind. The whole audience was in silence for 3 min. Understanding the situation, she went on saying “I am blind and I have no problem with it. Do u have any?” this shook up the audience and made them feel comfortable with her.

Inspiring Journey of Nidhi Goyal

Nidhi Goyal Stand-Up Comedian



“People don’t want to hear the truth because they don’t want their illusions destroyed.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

Unapologetic, unafraid, clever and very funny Nidhi Goyal is India’s first visually impaired stand-up comedian. She speaks about things that people are probably even too scared to think about. She chose comedy as the weapon as comedy is the best way to make the people listen. A trainer, a writer, a researcher, a comedian are all other things she is very expertized at and are part of her current professions. She is a true inspiration for every person, and she is the person ambassador of “Women Empowerment.”


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