Uddhab Bharali – An Engineer with no degree but with over 140 inventions!

By: Team Drilers | April 8, 2018
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Uddhab Bharali – An Engineer with no degree but with over 140 inventions!

Uddhab Bharali – An Innovator who is on a mission to change the face of Rural India.

Inspiring Success Story of Uddhab Bharali.

Wouldn’t you consider yourself lucky if you have someone who can avail you with future gadgets like ‘The DORAEMON‘?

Didn’t it seem like a childhood dream? But, India has its own Doraemon who is providing us with future gadgets that are making our lives easier. Neither is he a robot nor does he belong to the future but just ‘an ordinary man who can do extraordinary things.’

Rising from the banks of holy Brahmaputra in Assam, Uddhab Bharali is a visionary who has dedicated his life and resources to the welfare of rural Indians. He aims in improving the agriculture scenario in India in an eco-friendly manner which will in turn help in boosting the economy.

Early Life of Uddhab Bharali

Uddhab was born into a heavily indebted family on April 7th, 1962, Saturday in North Lakhimpur, Assam and raised under very miserable conditions. From his childhood, he was an academically bright scholar who was keen in learning whatever his parents could afford.

His parents decided NOT to deprive Uddhab of his education and take more debt for Uddhab’s studies as they were receiving a splendid response from his primary education teachers. He had a pragmatic approach and was exquisite in the field of mathematics and science.

“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.”-Charles R. Swindoll

From his childhood days, Uddhab was very determined to know the logic behind how stuff works and absence of logic makes him frustrated. His teachers would sometimes have to make him stand outside the class to avoid his endless questions.

He was so bright that even the teachers refused to teach him. Often, Uddhab was found solving questions from the books of higher grade. During his school life, he was double promoted twice from 1st standard to 3rd and again from 6th standard to 8th which led him to complete his primary education at a very early age of 14.

“Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me.”-Carol Burnett

Like an unstoppable force, he broke through the Engineering qualifying examinations easily to fulfill his lifelong dream. His family, somehow, grasped all they can get to make him go the distance and he took admission in Jorhat Engineering College.

But as said that life is a riddle wrapped up in a mystery. Things started to fall apart for Uddhab and his family, when his brother, the only source of income, passed away. Furthermore, it became the reason for him to drop out of his engineering college. He himself considered that there is a greater need to provide for his family rather than graduation. Uddhab realized, he was barking up the wrong tree as his prime concern would be letting his family out of the debt of 18,00,000 rupees which his father had taken from various sources.

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               Uddhab Bharali – An Innovator who is on a mission to change the face of Rural India.

Making Of Great Innovator

Uddhab came up with the idea of starting a polythene business, but he had no initial sum for the setup. He found himself in deep waters and the only way through was to swim. Thus, in the meanwhile, he came up with a brilliant idea of designing the machine himself, investing all the money he had. Surprisingly, he managed to build the desired polythene machinery at a comparatively low price. This was his first of many inventions which gave him a head start to his journey.

Uddhab survived through the darkest hour, and the dawn was almost approaching. He began his new journey by settling all the debts, one at a time and his will to not give up along with the brilliant mind, guided him through the tough path.

“Good, better, best. Never let it rest. ‘Till your good is better and your better is best.”-St. Jerome

After providing for the family, Uddhab felt that now it was time to expand the horizon as the whole of rural India was living in despair. So he began an unstoppable spree of inventions to satisfy the needs of villagers and farmers. Since then, he has managed to do over 140 inventions, and all of them are in the aid of necessity.

Getting recognition as an Inventor

Uddhab never wished for any limelight and worked as a silent guardian angel providing all he can do. He first came into fame in 1995 when a social writer Arnab Jan Deka wrote a thorough article in the local newspaper praising the works of this tech genius by describing all his crucial innovations.

Another tornado of pain hit Uddhab and his family who were trying to get back on their feet, as his elder brother passed away due to liver sclerosis. Uddhab had just started hydropower project in Arunachal Pradesh but have to return home to be with the family in this tough time.

Uddhab has been through so many low moments in his life, but he never sat back and complained, instead he worked harder to forget those with the belief that failure is just a situation, and our action is the solution.

Uddhab when asked about the ups and down in his life, he explains “My life has been a very difficult one. I would not have been capable of anything if I’d have sat and complained. I kept grabbing new opportunities in life-giving the best of the knowledge I had. Hard times come to all people. What matters is how you deal with it.”

Some of his famous innovations include:

  • pomegranate seed peeling machine
  • Areca Nut Peeler that can peel 100-120 nuts per minute
  • Electronic Cassava Peeler that can process up to 5 kilos of cassava per minute.
  • Tobacco leaf cutter
  • Stripping canes equipment
  • Brass utensils polishing kit
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            Uddhab Bharali – An Innovator who is on a mission to change the face of Rural India.

Praises for his contribution

His eco-friendly approach has led him to be the winner of the Shristi Samman Award in 2007, and President’s Grassroots Innovation Award, 2009. Also, he has become an undisputed winner of “Create the Future Design Contest”; an engineering design contest organized by NASA, for two consecutive years 2012 & 2013 and made our country proud. He added another feather in the cap when he received the Rashtriya Ekta Samman in 2013. Then in very next year, October 2014, he got the chance to inspire the world through his ideas when TEDx ISM invited him as a guest speaker, in Dhanbad.


Uddhab Bharali and his undying will to provide for the common rural people have led to an evolution in the agriculture world.

“They alone live who live for others, rest are more dead than alive.”-Swami Vivekananda

He dedicated his life to his passion for invention and discovery of new things. But the amalgamation of his enthusiasm with the desire to uplift the society results in immense respect for Uddhab Bharali. DRILERS thanks him for being the inspiration to the world and for all his great work.


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