Bhakti Ghatole- How this Visually Impaired girl Bagged Gold despite Life Threatening Disease

By: Team | August 26, 2017
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Bhakti Ghatole- How this Visually Impaired girl Bagged Gold despite Life Threatening Disease

Bhakti Ghatole receive Gold Medal by Nagpur University

“The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision”-Helen Keller

Bhakti Ghatole is a BA student of political science at Nagpur University. Bhakti is blind from her childhood. She was honored with Gold Medal by Nagpur University.

“The starting point of all achievements is desire”- the Inspiring story of Bhakti Ghatole’s Aspirations

Bhakti was just nine years old when she got affected with cancer named Retinoblastoma. Because of this cancer, she lost her eyesight at a very young age in her childhood. It was first found that cancer affected only the right eye. Doctors acted spontaneously and tried their level best to prevent it from scattering it to the left eye. This time, the doctors failed from preventing cancer to affect the left eye and left Bhakti Ghatole blind.

Her Parent’s Motivation Fueled the Young Girl

Bhakti is an apple of her parent’s eyes. Her father, Ramesh Ghatole, works at the National Insurance Company as a development officer and mother Sushma Ghatole, a housewife. Knowing about the introduction of cancer into her life, left her parents shocked. But, they never lost the hope and continued treatment for a long time. Bhakti underwent 25 sessions of chemotherapy in the span of 12 years across various specialized places like Hyderabad and Chennai.

Bhakti Ghatole, an IAS aspirant who lost her eyesight at 9, wins gold medal from Nagpur University

Bhakti Ghatole got to know that she would become blind at one point. And, first of all, that’s really not great news for a young girl. That would be a terrifying phase, which includes fears about being isolated and aligned, sitting in dark. But, it was not the case with her.

Blindness and darkness are not necessarily meant to be the same. The good news actually is, for many people who turned blind, once you stop thinking about the thing that you lost, one will start to receive many things.

 Bhakti Childhood Struggles Eventually Boosted her Motivation 

Recalling her childhood, she refused of learning braille language. But, things turned easy because of the computer. Bhakti is good at operating computer. By using a computer, she is familiar with online learning from the audio session from professionals. When it comes to exams, she is thankful for her friend and well-wisher, Aditi Patwardhan who helps her in writing exams on her behalf when Bhakti Ghatole is dictating. “It is not easy to follow the words of the blind person and write them down exactly. Without Aditi accompanying Bhakti, it would be difficult for her to excel”, her mother says. Bhakti Ghatole was a brave child who had an aspiration to achieve something in her life. This force held her on her feet and continued pursuing her education. And where ever she performed, she turned out to be first.

Bhakti, who lost her eyesight to Retinoblastoma, a deadly eye cancer at the age of nine, wins gold medal from Nagpur University

Inspiring Success Story of Bhakti Ghatole

 Future Plans of Bhakti Ghatole 

Bhakti Ghatole who is passionate about her future is pursuing her studies to be a psychologist. Then, she wants to achieve her all-time goal of becoming IAS officer. The main secret of herself, which seems to help her achieve her goal is her dedication and her peace of mind, concentrating on her goals.


Bhakti Ghatole,Blind girl who won gold despite life threatening disease

Bhakti Ghatole

 “Dedication and Commitment are what transfer dreams into reality.”-Unknown

Bhakti Ghatole is one of the fortune stars who will shine the brightest, with their dedication and commitment being the fuel for that brightness in her shine in her profession. Only the darker experiences will lead to the brightest future. The same way, Bhakti leaving her weakness like blindness, she is going to achieve a lot in her life. She has been the inspiration for many women in the society to prove that nothing is a barrier between you and success.

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