The founder of 4 companies, Alok Kejriwal is a true inspiration to all the budding entrepreneurs in the country!

By: Team | November 15, 2017
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The founder of 4 companies, Alok Kejriwal is a true inspiration to all the budding entrepreneurs in the country!

Alok Kejriwal DRILERS Story

The Indian Entrepreneur and the founder of Contests2win group of companies. His vision and passion towards the startup and entrepreneurship culture made him start his own online venture called Contests2win after leaving his family owned Socks manufacturing company. He then started a group of companies under Contests2win named as Mobile2win in 2001, Media2win in 2004, and Games2win in 2007 which made a market of around 20 Million per month for the year 2016.

Entrepreneur by birth

Born in a Marwari family on 25th December 1968 in Mumbai, Alok did his schooling in Campion School, Mumbai. As Entrepreneurship is in the DNA of Marwari, he completed his Master’s in Commerce from the Sydenham College of Commerce and Economics, Mumbai. Alok Kejriwal joined his father’s Socks manufacturing company, Hindustan Hosiery Industries when he was 21 where he had his 1st brush with the technology.

Ten years after being a Socks Entrepreneur, Alok resigned his position to start an online venture called Contest2win in 1998 which is a platform for SMS contests for various TV shows. His company soon attracted the attention of the market and grabbed the Value-Added-Service Business of the Indian Idol.

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Business expansion in China and Walt Disney Acquisition

After his 1st Company in 1998, Alok Kejriwal was invited by Softbank for expansion of their business in China and to set up a Mobile venture in the name, Mobile2win in China, which is a TV to a mobile interactive platform offering mobile competitions and promotions. Later in 2003, it was brought to India.

It became one of the most successful ventures in China which made Walt Disney Animation Studios to buy the China arm of the company in 2006 with 6 times the money he invested. The Indian arm of the company was acquired by Norwest Venture Partners in 2006 with a deal of paying 12 times his investment.

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Entering the Gaming platform

Later in 2004, he founded an interactive digital advertising agency, Media2win which is a part of Contests2win group of companies.With Mahesh Khambadkone, he founded Games2win in 2007 which has been running successfully with almost 750 original games with overall downloads of 110 Million worldwide on IOS, Android, Amazon, and Windows app stores.

  • Alok greatly believes and follows Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the founder of Art of Living Foundations.
  • He is also an active follower of Buddha’sZen Philosophy.
  • Alok in 2010, founded TheRodinhoods, which is an online community of entrepreneurs
  • The Rodinhoods is a social network for entrepreneurs where he inspires the people through his experience, ideas, and philosophy
  • Through Rodinhoods, Alok had been mentoring and helping the young entrepreneurs who desire to start a venture of their own

Alok is now building an infrastructure and environment for the young and new entrepreneurs. He plans to pick up a small stake in the companies by offering them infrastructure and enabling them to avoid initial hiccups.“I am now planning to float a fund for wannabe entrepreneurs. I am only telling them exactly what Softbank told me years ago- come along with your brains and clothes. We will eventually take care of the rest,” adds Kejriwal.

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Alok Kejriwal is a great inspiration and motivation to many budding entrepreneurs in the country. He speaks out of his experience and believes that “There is nothing wrong with failing as startup. Because failure doesn’t mean complete failure, it’s knowing how to do things better.”

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