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Dinesh Gupta: A Living Soul Filling The World With Motivation!

Prof. Dr. Dinesh Gupta is a mechanical engineer by profession whose interest in acquiring new skills helped him to get his name registered in the Limca Book of world records. Read More

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Sudha Murthy: Lady With A Desire To Change The World!

Sudha Murthy is an author, a philanthropist, a teacher, and whatnot. She believes in giving it back to society with utmost sincerity. She is also the woman behind Infosys. Read More

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K.Sivan: The Man Who Made Chandrayaan 2, A Dream Of Every Eye!

Who doesn't know K Sivan, our very own ISRO Chief? But, do we really know about his personal life and professional achievements. Read More

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Kavita Bisht: An Epic Journey Of Courage, Valour, And Inspiration!

Kavita Bisht is a courageous girl who didn’t lose hope even after being rattled by an acid attack at the age of 19 and now serves the society to the best of her ability. Read More

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Radhika Menon: An Enlightening Life Of The First Female Merchant Navy Captain!

Radhika Menon is a renowned personality in the maritime world who has set an example by becoming the first female to hold the post of captain in the Indian Merchant Navy. Read More

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Anurag Mishra: When Talent Makes Its Way Out Of Disastrous Destiny!

Facing medical issues since birth, coupled with other challenges of life, Anurag fought and overcame all of them to achieve his dreams of making a better India! Read More

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Rashmi Jain: How A Beauty Made The Portfolio Of Success With The Brain?

Rashmi Jain is a model of India who started her modeling career after 15 years of marriage and still became a finalist at the modeling event of Haut Monde, Mrs. India Worldwide 2019. Read More

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Balkrishna Vithaldas Doshi: An Enlightening Life Of India's Most Celebrated Architect!

Apart from being a recipient of the Pritzker award, Balkrishna Doshi is one of the most influential architects who often considered as the explorer of low-cost housing in India. Read More

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Sandeep Maheshwari- A man with several feathers in his cap!

Ever heard a story that has more failures than the amount of success? Sandeep Maheshwari motivated the youth of the country through his inspiring story of defeat to victory. Read More

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Gaurav Arora: TikTok Star Who Turned The Flow Of Life To Be Successful!

Gaurav Arora is a famous dietician-cum-actor hailing from a middle-class family of Delhi. Once dreamt of being a cricketer, he changed the flow of his life by finding multiple opportunities for... Read More