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Divya Gandotra: From A Tech-Loving Kid To A Successful YouTuber!

How a technology lover become a successful YouTuber? Divya Gandotra, having her channel Tech Divya, never gave up and showed the real power of Indian talent to the world. Read More

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Srikanth Bolla -The Blind Man behind Brighter Future!

Life is not about giving up just because people tell you to give up. Srikanth Bolla, blind by birth, fought for his dreams, his life and pen down his name in the success stories of entrepreneurs. Read More

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Top 10 women entrepreneurs in India!

Women with a strong mind and a heart of steel to attain their dreams are few and those who attain something extraordinary, usually put in those extraordinary efforts. Here are the top 10 women... Read More

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Swati Bhargava: An inspiring example of women empowerment!

From a job seeker to a job creator, Swati Bhargava is one of the most successful women of India. CashKaro co-founder's story will leave you inspired. Read More

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Falguni Nayar- The Makeup Queen of India!

Leaving the job at Kotak Mahindra and beginning her own company was an utterly tough choice to make. At the age of 51, she quit her well-settled job and started Nykaa. Her journey is an... Read More

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One Lady, many lives- The incredible story of Dr. Anjali Chaugule!

4-dimensional women who could do it all with ease, meet Dr. Anjali Chaugule who is slowly becoming the talk of the town with her career choices and the ability to rise to every occasion. From... Read More

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Top 10 Entrepreneurs in India!

With several influential entrepreneurs, India is leading toward becoming a fully developed country soon. Here is a list of top 10 entrepreneurs of India who all contributed to the Indian economy... Read More

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This Indo-American girl is the America’s Youngest Scientist for her invention, Tethys – a low-cost lead detecting device!

Children are the most important assets of the future and definitely are the building blocks for the brighter days ahead. Geetanjali Rao, who won the America’s 3M Young Scientist Challenge and the... Read More

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He sold paintings, collected cow dung, worked in a saloon, and now runs a business with turnover in crores!

Poverty is the greatest tragedy in anyone’s life. Some people accept it as their faith and lost the battle of life without participating in it. However, some have the courage to take poverty as a... Read More

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Chhotu Starved for Food, Worked as a Peon, Now an Owner of 2 Companies with turnover in Crores!

Chhotu Sharma, who started his career as a peon is now the owner of 2 companies. Sharma who doesn’t even have Rs.5000 to do a computer course is currently earning crores per annum. Known as the... Read More