Published At: 15 December, 2020
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Dr. Harsh Vardhan inaugurated e-conclave on mental health for children organised affordable private school Association and The life is beautiful Foundation

Dr Harsh vardhan said Today India as a nation is shining around the globe with the intelligence of young and bright minds. We all are proud of the fact but at the same time, we have to remember that Children go thru critical stages of mental health during their childhood and adolescent times.

Also due to the pressure of studies, competition and a new change of living style due to the involvement of technology in our lives it becomes necessary to talk about mental health issues of our children.

Dr. Harsh vardhan said The objective of this initiative is to make a positive impact on society by addressing the mental health of the children. The tendency of stress, anxiety, anger and depression have been increased within for our children nowadays.

He said that Our Young generation is facing these mental health issues like never before.

Dr Harsh Vardhan, Hon’ble Minister of Health and family welfare gave his inaugural speech for the e-conclave. He said that 3 C's- Connect, concentration and counselling can be a mantra for a healthy mind. The connection with family, friends and society is one important aspect which gives a sense of security and platform to discuss personal problems. The concentration with Yoga is another very important tool for building a calm and stress-free mind and counselling of children in case of any issue like stress, anxiety and fear is another important area which must be available for our children.

Today Dr. Harsh Vardhan message is very loud and clear that our children need immediate attention on mental health issues.

The topic of the discussion in the e-conclave were:

Session 1) Causes and Remedy of Mental Health Issues in Children

Session 2) Is Indian Society ready to talk on the Mental Health of our Children?

Session 3) भारतीय जीवन शैली और मानसिक स्वास्थ्य

Session 4) Impact of Social Media on our Children

Shri Jitendra Mahajan, MLA Rohtas Nagar Vidhan Sabha said that we all should have such sessions regularly and counselling of kids, parents and teachers are also should be there.

I am always with such good initiatives and will participate in future also.

Lakshya Chhabaria, President of Affordable Private schools’ Association said that the purpose of this E-conclave is to understand issues of our kids related to their emotions, behaviour and perceptions and solution of the same. The foundations of a strong nation lie in its children, therefore, we need to mentally strong children everywhere and at each and every service to the nation.