This 20-year old Ticket Checker from Allahabad is on his way to create history in the World of Athletics!

By: Team | November 7, 2017
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This 20-year old Ticket Checker from Allahabad is on his way to create history in the World of Athletics!

Ajay Kumar Indian Long Distance Runner

“Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.” – Pele

Ajay Kumar, 20-year old long distance runner has been creating records in the world of athletics. Born in a family of runners, he started running at an early age of 15 when his recognized his poor performance in studies. He dropped out from the education after his 12th grade and began his training in the running who early had an interest in the archery sport. Under the guidance of his coach Jaswinder Bhatia and passion towards the game, he won the Asian Athletics Championship and Asian Indoor & Martial Arts Games.

Ajay Kumar was born in 1996 near Soraon Locality of Allahabad in a family of 8 members with three brothers and three sisters. He is the youngest brother of the three brothers. Ajay used to play a lot like every normal kid at his early age and is quite weak at academics.

Ajay Kumar Saroj Indian Long Distance Runner

After recognizing his dislike for studies, his parents advised him to pursue his career in sports when he was 15 years old. By that time, his brother Ajith is also an athlete and his sister Shashi Kumari is a National Runner, whom he used to carry water bottles during her training.

During his visit to his brother, Ajay Kumar got his hands on archery and loved it so much that he started to learn it. But, after two weeks he left the archery and went to Bhatia, the Veteran Coach in Lucknow under his brothers advise. But the decision he took to represent Assam made him struggle a lot at the beginning of his athletics career.

“There will be obstacles, doubters, and mistakes.But with hard work, there will be no limits.”

Due to this incorrect decision, he didn’t receive the rewards and the money he earned by winning several events even after submitting the necessary documents. Later, with the help of P.K.Shrivastava, treasurer of the Athletics Federation India he managed to get under UP selection.

Ajay Kumar Saroj is an Indian athlete, a long distance runner who usually runs the distance of 1500m in competitions.

Later in 2014, he stood 5th at the Youth Olympics held in Nanjing which showcased his talent and made him famous. He was substantially supported by his brother Ajith professionally and financially. Ajay also managed to set National records at Under-18 and Under-20 levels. Ajay even has a job as a ticket checker at Allahabad Station, which he never attended due to his many events. He achieved his personal best of 3:43:27 sec at the South Asian Games held in Delhi.

Later, with the advice of his coach, he applied for the Bachelor of Arts in the Sitaram College where he was at the end of 1st year. Because of his training and events, Ajay never visited his parents in the past three years. Ajay then spent several days doing rigorous training which made him achieve the Asian Athletics Championship held at Bhubaneshwar and Gold at the 5th Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games at Turkmenistan. He has been practicing hard to beat the Bahadur Prasad’s 1500 meters best 3:38:00 sec.

Ajay Kumar Story


Ajay’s story is an inspiration to a lot of young people to work hard to grow in whatever career you like to choose. So, try hard to achieve what you desire to and never lose faith in yourself on your way to accomplish great things.

“Striving for success without hard work is like trying to harvest where you haven’t planted.” – David Bly

References: The Field Scroll

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