7 Year Old Kashmiri Boy Hashim Mansoor Wins Gold At Asian Karate Championship

By: Team | June 2, 2017
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7 Year Old Kashmiri Boy Hashim Mansoor Wins Gold At Asian Karate Championship

Seven-year-old Hashim Mansoor from Kashmir's Bandipora district has won a gold medal at the Asian Youth Karate Championships.

7 Year Old Kashmiri Boy Hashim Mansoor Wins Gold at Asian Karate Championship – Hashim Mansoor, a 7- year- old from Kashmir’s Bandipora district has won a Gold medal at the Asian Youth Karate Championship held at New Delhi last year. If you are a karate fanatic then you might have heard of this news. This is indeed a special and glorious win for him and the country. But what makes this victory even more special is the hard work and dedication of the Kashmiri young boy.


Hashim Mansoor Inspirational Journey

True dedication, hard work, and passion towards you goal help you to reach your path to success. And this has been proved by the young one. He is an inspiration to the millions of Indians that often hesitate to do something great by giving pity excuses.

“There is no substitute for hard work.”

Yes, you could not agree with this aforementioned statement. It is easy to train or learn something in the normal environment. But Hashim’s place was nothing but a violent mess. This was not the only problem he faced but the lack of resources and support were also one of the major hurdles in his way. He did manage to do all this because of the constant support he received from his coach, Faisal Ali.

Meanwhile, Hashim’s coach, Faisal Ali revealed that it was definitely not easy to achieve this success and medal. He also said, “It is a huge thing to win this Championship as there are not many resources for sports in Kashmir. Hashim faced a lot of hurdles to reach here.” Hashim also believed in luck when he said, Remaining away from school for many months offered me enough time to practice the sport of karate. It was perhaps lucky that I got so much time to practice under my coach.”

Bagging the Gold Medal

Hashim represented India at the Asian Youth Karate Championship which was held in the capital of the country. He was playing for the sub-junior category (below 25 kg category). This championship featured players from 19 other countries. He managed to defeat the Sri Lankan opponent in the final of the match. Had it not been the hard work of both Hashim and his coach, he would not have won the medal so easily. They both once again proved an old saying, “Hard work always pays off.”

 Hashim and his parent’s reaction to clinching the Gold medal

He not only won a Gold medal but became the pride of our country. His parents and coach were extremely happy for this stupendous victory. The state government was all in praises for Hashim and his coach’s dedication and hard work.  J&K Youth Karate Federation president Ghulam Nabi Tantray said,” The victory of Hashim Mansoor was possible because of the hard work of his coach Faisal Ali Dar”. He was the happiest child because he somehow managed to get Gold for his beloved country. He said, am very happy to win this medal. I had been practicing for this since last one year, it was difficult, but I still won the fight.”

Hashim was thrilled to have won Gold for his country. Notably, his parents were the happiest too.  His father could not stop praising his coach to fund all the training on which he said, “Hashim had a passion for sports for as long as I can remember. So he joined the local sports academy to learn the art of karate and his coach funded him for the AYKC.”


People who keep on trying to achieve their goals, never fail. Hashim’s hard work, determination, and his coach’s constant support helped him win this medal. So, at the end, it is your dedication towards your goal that brings you success. Never stop dreaming and do your level best to achieve it.

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