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Trishneet Arora India’s Mark Zuckerberg (Story of 23 Year Old Earning in Crores)

One of theTop Youngest entrepreneurs with inspiring achievement

Trishneet Arora India’s Mark Zuckerberg (Story of 23 Year Old Earning in Crores)

Trishneet Arora is a renowned name not only in India but around the world. The youth of our country adores when people call him Mark Zuckerberg of India. This is the story of a 23-year-old boy from Ludhiana, who is now a big name in the digital industry and is earning in Crores. He has now become a role model for both the parents and their children to do something extraordinary.


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Trishneet Arora is the founder and CEO of TAC Security, an IT security company.

Trishneet Arora was not an average child in the studies or academics. His childhood was like every other child but everything changed when his father decided to get him a computer. He was a brainy child who has a keen interest in the technology.

Trishneet’s keen interest in Technology

Trishneet was born on November 2, 1993, in Ludhiana, Punjab. At a very tender age, he gradually showed interest in the technology and computers when his father bought one for him. He even failed in the 8th standard because of which he had to face scolding and mockery by parents and his friends. Trishneet had the least interest in the schooling books and education. He spent his time possessing the knowledge of computers and hacking of them. The interest was so deep that he even started reading international books on hacking. And the end results of his interest are front of the world.

Trishneet Arora Achievements in the technology world

Someone said that failures are a part of life. Trishneet failed in his academics but he did something most of the toppers think of doing. Failing in school or in a subject cannot define your intelligence level. Trishneet’s achievements are a testimony to the aforementioned statement. Below listed are some of the achievements of this multi-millionaire young boy.

  • Before he turned 22, he had already written three books namely, Hacking TALK with Trishneet Arora, The hacking era, and hacking with smartphones. These books got very famous among the youth and they grabbed the knowledge at a young age.
  • He now provides cybersecurity to his clients and saves them from hackers.
  • A 23-year-old, Trishneet now heads TAC Security, a firm that works to provide the cyber security to various giant organizations and companies in India.
  • He also gives security to Reliance, Amul, Punjab Police, Gujarat Police etc. to name a few of them.
  • He made TAC security into a multi-millionaire giant at the age of 21. Now, every youth wants to work under him to be a master like him in this field.

Every Child is Unique and special in his own ways

Could you agree more with the aforementioned statement? Probably not, because persons like Trishneet Arora proves that you do not need to score well to do something great in life. He is the perfect example of the parents who create pressure for their children to get high scores in academics. Every child has some unique talents, ability, and interest in something. If that ability gets discovered, then he/she can do something extraordinary in that field. The unwanted pressure and scolding for not getting high scores will only give you negative results.


Nothing great in this world has ever been accomplished without passion towards something. Trishneet had a passion for the technology and computers and he eventually made his passion as a source of paychecks. He is now a well-known name in the technology industry for his supreme knowledge. Also, he has proved that if you are passionate enough about something then nothing can ever stop you from achieving something great. He is also now an inspiration for many parents to motivate their children to something they love. Forcing someone in which they are not interested will only result in failures. So, go ahead and opt what you are passionate about to achieve the heights.

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