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July 30, 2017
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Here’s Sunil Chhetri The Young Indian Footballer to Rank 2nd in the World’s Top Goal Scorer’s List
August 7, 2017

Top Painters In India

Top Indian Painters - Vilas Nayak

Top Painters in India – Painting is one of the most creative forms of art. The painters have to privilege to describe human emotions, other things with just a canvas and lots of colour. Our country is blessed with some of the phenomenal painters over the years. If you are not much into the art but now are intrigued to know more about the painters then look no further. Here we will discuss some of the best painters in our country. Also we are not only sharing the list of best painters in India. But also sharing the success stories of Painters who become now role model for new generations

Promotional Success story of Indian Painters

Indian painters are one of the most talented and creative in the whole world. They have not only earned the name and respect in the home nation but also globally because of the immense talent they have. Paintings can be on any topic ranging from the religion to astrology etc.

The list of the Top Indian Painters

Our country has and had so many exceptionally great painters that it is quite difficult to rank them. The painters can paint another world with their colors and some of the masterpieces have the ability to say the unsaid. The work of the following mentioned painters will leave you spellbound in every sense. So, go ahead and now scroll to check them out and bring one of the masterpieces home.

Vilas Nayak (Indian Musical Painter)

 A Promotional Success story of  Indian Musical Painter Vilas Nayak

The exceptionally talented painters like Vilas Nayak does not only paint but they create a magical world along with the music as well. He is now one of the best musical painters that are also internationally renowned. His initial phase of the life was quite tough and he made a lot of sacrifices to pursue his real passion leaving an impressing corporate job was one of them.Below mentioned are some of the other things about him.

  •  He rose to fame with the Indian talent hunt show i.e. India’s Got Talent.
  • His musical painting journey is not only inspirational but beautiful too.
  • Vilas was a bright child as he secured 7th rank in the Mangalore University for his bachelor’s degree.

To know more about Vilas Nayak you can read his story.

Maqbool Fida Husain

Maqbool Fida Husain - One of the Most Promotional success Painter

Maqbool Fida Husain famously known as M.F. Husain was one of the greatest and the most talented painters the world has ever seen. He was born on 17 September 1915 in Pandharpur, Maharashtra to a normal family. He was one of the most globally acclaimed artist of India. His paintings still earn millions of dollars and that is because of the immense talent he was loaded with. His most renowned paintings are mentioned below.

  1. The Puppet Dancers.
  2. The Battle of Ganga and Jamuna.
  3. Horses.
  4. Mother Teresa
  5. Tribute to Hashmi.

Lalita Lajmi

 A story of  Top success painters in India- bLalita Lajmi

Lalita Lajmi was born in 1932 in Kolkata is a renowned Indian artist who is also a sister of the most famous personality Guru Dutt. As a child she was not very fond of the painting but as she grew up her passion for painting developed. Her first exhibition was the group exhibition at Jehangir Art Gallery in Mumbai. She has created one of the masterpieces that still receive attention and love.

Debashis Jana

Top Inspired successful painters in India for student to work hard - Debashis Jana

Debashis Jana is from Kolkata and he specializes in making intricate designs of spiritual life & nature. He has now been painting for almost 25 years. His work is quite famous in India and earns a lot of respect. His paintings are relatable because of the concepts he chooses to paint. Most people relate to his art and end up bringing it home at an impressive price.


Painting is not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires passion, dedication, and creativity to create something exceptionally good. Indian is lucky enough to have such brilliant painters or artists of all time. They are known on an international level for their creative work. Above mentioned are the top painters in our nation that the world has ever seen. Their work is remarkable, commendable and the words fall short to describe how beautiful their work was. So, go ahead and now acknowledge their work.

If you know more about this person, feel free to reach us and you can share the information and we’ll ensure that your contribution gets sufficient room on our website.

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