Story Of The First Indian To Win GP3 Race (Arjun Maini)

By: Team | May 31, 2017
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Story Of The First Indian To Win GP3 Race (Arjun Maini)

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The story of the First Indian to Win GP3 Race (Arjun Maini) –  They say, hard work and dedication always pays off and this has been proved by a young racer, Arjun Maini. He recently got the title of the first ever Indian to win the GP3 series at Circuit de Catalunya, Barcelona on 14th of May. This is Arjun’s first victory in the GP3 series and also the first win in the past two years. He had made his presence strong by creating such history in motorsport arena. The victory had been made more special as he got assigned as the part of the driver development program at Haas F1 team.

success Story of the First Indian to Win GP3 Race (Arjun Maini)

Arjun was driving Jenzer Motorsport and he secured the most amazing victory in the race 2 of the round 1 at Barcelona. Sure, there were hurdles which he overcame and did what now inspires many. He has proved that if you work on your dreams positively, you can achieve them one day.

The hurdles that came in the way of winning

Arjun’s start was not very satisfactory or optimistic for him. Though he started off really well and secured the first position destiny has something else written for him. He could not maintain that momentum and lag behind some of the brilliant racers. However, he still managed to earn 6 points from that race. He still did not lose hope and prepared himself for the second race on the next day.

Arjun and his parent’s reactions on having him creating the history

Arjun’s parents are one proud parent all because they believed in him and never stopped him doing what he loved the most. Their reaction was priceless; they were smiling through and were all in praise for the incredible victory of their son. Below listed are the reactions of his and his father.

  • Arjun’s father called this his best performance until now and he said, ” considering the amount of pressure he was under in with Boccolacci having DRS, that gives you 15-20 km/hr more speed, he drove superbly to defend. It shows he can take the pressure.”
  • After the victory, Arjun was very excited for the obvious reason and he said, “The moment has still not sunk in yet. I am still pumping and full of adrenaline.”
  • Arjun felt supremely proud, joyful and delighted to have national anthem played in front of so many people across the world. In an interview with a news channel, he explained the whole feeling by saying, “started under pressure as it was essential for me to get to the front from the beginning. My desired lead came from the first corner, followed by a nerve-racking first five laps with Boccolacci on my tail and his attempts to overtake me multiple times while we were in the DRS Zone. Once I broke away from the DRS zone I was able to focus on my pace and started to build the gap. It was the most amazing feeling as I crossed the finish line and it started to sink in that I had my first race win in GP3.”


Winning is never easy, but with constant hard work and dedication, you can achieve anything in life. Arjun Maini being the best example of the aforementioned statement has not only inspired the youth but everyone who had lost hope in their dreams. So, go ahead and work on what you love and write your destiny.

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