Indian Shot Putter Manpreet Kaur Becomes World Number One, won Gold at the Asian Grand Prix in China

By: Team | June 1, 2017
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Indian Shot Putter Manpreet Kaur Becomes World Number One, won Gold at the Asian Grand Prix in China

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Manpreet Kaur Inspirational Journey.

Indian Shot Putter Manpreet Kaur becomes World Number One – It is an old saying that nothing worth, comes easy. But if you are determined enough to achieve what you want then nothing can stop you as well. It is the hard work and dedication of Manpreet Kaur that has made her the Word’s number 1 in short put. She clinched a gold in the first leg of the Asian Grand pix athletics at Jinhua, China.


Manpreet Kaur won gold medal at Asian Grand Prix and became World's number 1 shot put player

With a throw of 18.86 meters, Manpreet defeated Olympic champion Michelle Carter who finished second. This time the competition was with herself as broke her own record of 17.96m which she set in 2015 during an Open National meet in Kolkata. Not only has this but she also qualified for the IAAF World Championship which is to be held in August.  Entry to the IAAF world championship is 17.75m.

About Manpreet Kaur – Our nation’s pride

The 27-year-old Manpreet Kaur is an Indian professional Olympic shot putter from Ambala (Haryana) who managed to bag the gold medal with a throw of 18.86 meters, which turned out to be a world-leading throw, taking her to the No. 1 spot in the world rankings.

Obstacles that came to stop her from winning

They say that nothing can stop you if you are determined enough. This has been proved by Manpreet Kaur, who is the world’s number 1 in shot put. You will rarely find women who continue being in the sport after becoming a mother. But Manpreet rose above the pressure created by the society and she managed to get in the form somehow. She is thankful for her families who supported her during her successful journey.

On fighting the hurdles her husband Karamjit Singh said, “She had to undergo a cesarean and there were post-pregnancy complications. It was very challenging for Manpreet to get back to throwing. Physically, it was not easy because shot put is a ‘power’ discipline. Her muscles and body had undergone changes after giving birth. However, she was keen to return to the sport and I supported her.”

On thanking her in-laws she said, “I started practice less than a year after I became a mother. I was lucky because my in-laws encouraged me to take up the sport again. My husband is my coach and so I have family support to fall back on.” Well, it is very important to have a family like hers because without their love and support you cannot win at life.  She confidently broke all the obstacles and get ahead with her dream and eventually, she won. Now, she is not only an inspiration to the girls and women but to all the males as well.

Manpreet’s reaction after winning the prestigious title


Manpreet’s reaction was quite obvious. Who would not be happy if he/she had won this title? She was all praises and thankful for the constant family love and support she received. You can easily see her dedication and love for the sport when she said; Today’s (April 24) performance proves that I am improving. My target this year is to cross the 19-meter mark. This is the first competition of the season and I am sure I will get better as the season progresses.” We hope she will do her best in the upcoming events as well and make India an extremely proud country again.

Moral of the Story

At the end, “Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.” So, keep your dreams alive and work for it with complete dedication and faith in yourself. When Manpreet can do it then anyone can. You just need to work on your dream and with much-needed family support and love you can conquer anything in the world.

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