Lost her Leg in an Accident, now a National Level Badminton Player!

By: Team | October 7, 2017
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Lost her Leg in an Accident, now a National Level Badminton Player!

inspiring story for women's day of Manasi Joshi

“However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at” – Stephen Hawking

The passion you have got, the faith you have and the will to work hard, make you achieve anything and everything you want in your life. These words made Manasi Joshi, the pride of Indian Para-Badminton, who is currently the World #3 in Mixed Doubles, #5 in Women’s Singles and #20 in Women’s Doubles despite her disabilities.

Early Life of Manasi

In her early days, she represented her school’s badminton team at different levels. Her passion for badminton increased with her age, and she even represented her college at various competitions. But, as time goes by her interest towards engineering made her neglect the sport. She leaned more towards innovation and studies. With her talent and skillset, she somehow engaged into work in a company as a software engineer, living her life like every other individual until she encountered a tragedy in 2011 when she was 22.

Manasi Joshi' s story is an  inspiring story of a female for women's day

The day that changed her life and made her what she is now

On her way to the office, traveling on a two-wheeler, she met with an accident. She got hit by a truck and lost her left leg which turned her life upside down making her an amputee. Despite her odds, she never let her disability define her, and she chooses to run over the challenges rather than running away from them. Though life showed its worst half, she never gave up.

The turning point in her life

  • Initially, she started walking using crutches.
  • Then she somehow got to know about the prosthetic legs and started using them.
  • Manasi felt that one doesn’t know one’s strength until they are forced to do it.
  • She believed that body could do amazing things we just need to train it so that it could adapt to different circumstances.
  • Manasi Joshi realized that no one is born perfect and everyone is different, but everyone is beautiful in their way.
  • With the help of humanities greatest power “the ability to think,” she started relearning which started with changing her daily routine.

In 30 days she did almost everything from learning to walk to losing her weight and increasing her strength. She then started learning badminton with her new transformation. All these efforts paid off and made her the hero of her life. In 2012, almost one year from the accident she participated in the Atos Mumbai Badminton Championship where she was the previous champion before her crash.

But, this time Manasi Joshi entered with her prosthetic leg and left everyone astonished winning the gold medal. This victory gave her the motivation to continue her badminton career. From then she never looked back, and the rest is history which made Indians proud in National and International arenas. She is currently training for the Tokyo 2020, Paralympics

Best short story about life experiences of a female for women' s day

“Never say to yourself, that you don’t have enough time. You have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to Helen Keller, Pasteur, Michelangelo, Mother Teresa, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson and Albert Einstein” – Jackson Brown Jr.


It’s never too late. Every one of us has dreams, but making them into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort. So, don’t put a limit on what you can do, the more you dream, the further you get. Remember that the only disability in life is your bad attitude and the negative perspective you have towards the problem. So, put your heart and soul in everything you do and the triumph will follow you like a shadow.

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