His Passion for Graffiti boosted his Self-Confidence to Overcome a Life-Threatening Disease!

By: Team | September 16, 2017
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His Passion for Graffiti boosted his Self-Confidence to Overcome a Life-Threatening Disease!

Kartikey DRILERS Story

“Keep smiling because life is beautiful and there’s so much to smile about.”  Marilyn Monroe

Kartikey Sharma, a Mumbai based graffiti artist, is one of those rare talented and brave personalities we come across just once or twice in a lifetime. A self-made and self-taught artist, Kartikey has one main motto- There is no box to think out of. He trusts in innovation and examples of this can be found on many walls of Mumbai.

“I wanted that my paintings should be larger than life.”- Kartikey Sharma’s story of survival:

Kartikey Sharma was born in Chennai and later moved to Goa due to the transfer of his father, who was a Navy Officer. He developed an interest in art at a very young age. It was in 2009 during a regular checkup that his family found out about the tumor in his chest. But thanks to the early awareness, he was declared fit in September 2009 after taking necessary measures.

He moved on to pursue Mechanical Engineering from Symbiosis College of Engineering, Pune but soon realized that art is the only passion he wanted to follow. According to Kartikey, art was the only thing he’d enjoy and hence, he wouldn’t mind taking it up as a profession. This didn’t go very well with the middle-class family of Kartikey, who wished for a more reliable and secure job for him. But watching his passion and hard work, they started supporting him.

short Motivational story with moral for student to work hard

His Struggles in Life:

Kartikey started from a very low level by painting T-shirts and college walls until someone from Red Bull spotted his art. The company contacted him to paint a wall. After 14 continuous hours of painting, Kartikey realized what he was missing in life. “ I sat wide awake for the entire night, and just stared at the painting”, Kartikey says excitedly. Once Red Bull posted his painting video, there was no looking back for Kartikey. He started getting offers and that’s when he opted for graffiti instead of canvas painting.

“A true artist is the one who inspires others by his art.” – Salvador Dali

Kartikey says that he wanted his paintings to reach the maximum number of people. “If you paint on walls, the entire city becomes your gallery. I like paintings which tell a story of their own”, he quotes when asked about this. While doing all this and continuing with his engineering simultaneously, he was undergoing regular check-ups.

Turning Point

  • Unfortunately, his cancer reverted and was spread to the whole body, in stage 4. Kartikey had to immediately start chemotherapy sessions in Mumbai in February 2016.
  • Eventually, he realized that he could not travel but he could carry his passion forward. So he and some of his friends ended up making a crew called ‘Jumbish’.
  • There are numerous charitable organizations that tend to help Kartikey for his treatment in any way possible. A man of indomitable spirit, Kartikey ceases to give up. He wishes to get well soon and paint to touch the lives and hearts of people all around.

story of Kartikey Sharma is True motivation story for students to work hard in life


People like Kartikey are significantly playing a crucial role in the society to inspire people who are feeling low in their lives. Kartikey Sharma is a true motivation for the ones who think cancer acts as an obstacle in your life. Moreover, he is also trying to inspire people to live their life to the fullest.

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