You won’t believe about the achievements of this 17 Year old Indian youngster!

By: Team | June 18, 2017
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You won’t believe about the achievements of this 17 Year old Indian youngster!

An motivational story of kishore for student to achieve some goal in life

You won’t believe about the achievements of this 17-year old Indian youngster! – They say “The harder the battle, the sweeter the victory.” This is the sweetest success story of a 17-year-old NGO boy Kishore Arya who made it to the Indian National Hockey Team.  He has broken many records by being the first player from a government school to make it to the Indian team.

Inspiring Story of  Kishore Arya

This super talented son of a driver was trained by a Delhi-based NGO ‘One Thousand Hockey Legs’.  Kishore started his hockey at Government Boys Senior Secondary School, Saket, in South Delhi where the NGO introduced hockey in 2010.  He trained with OTHL every weekend for three years and participated in tournaments organized by them. He represented the same NGO team in the Baroda and Jammu Sub-Junior Nationals in 2014 and 2015, respectively.

Kishore also led Delhi State team in the Junior National Championship (Div B) this year in Ranchi. He eventually made it to the Sports Training Centre (STC) in Patiala during a trial and then moved on to the National Hockey Academy. Furthermore, the young hockey enthusiast got included in India’s Sub Junior Asia Cup team, which was held in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

An inspiring story of a hockey bot Kishore to achieve goal in life

Behind this masterful player’s success is the NGO One Thousand Hockey Legs, which introduced hockey to at least 500 school kids. Especially in numerous schools where most of the students can’t afford professional training of the game. This NGO has played a vital role in recognizing and tapping the potential of the underprivileged.

Achievements of Kishore Arya

Kishore Arya, the phenomenal left half history maker, has been described by OTHL as “rise from joyous kid roaming on the public park to a part of the national team.” Kishore is one of the people that have eventually set a benchmark as a source of motivation that can inspire a million others. The dedication and persistence have ultimately made it possible for the young one to become the first player to get selected for the national side of any age-group from Delhi in more than two decades. Apart from this, Kishore is the first to be picked out of an NGO to represent their country.

Success becomes inevitable when you are determined to turn your dreams into realities. People like Kishore don’t rely on luck, destiny or fate for their goals to be achieved; they work hard for it. Where there is a will, there is a way.

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