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Once a vegetable vendor now building a Rs 25cr business

From Rags To Riches: A True Story Of Nitin Godse

How Nitin Godse went from selling vegetables to building a Rs 25cr business

A forty-two years previous first generation entrepreneur- Nitin Godse, MD, Gas, and Equipment passed and succeeded through his sheer arduous work- from a vegetable salesperson to at least one of the highest engineering entrepreneurs.

Early Life of Nitin Godse

Godse belongs to a low-income family of a farmer. He was born in Akola village, Ahmednagar district. His father used to earn Rs.400 on the monthly basis as he used to work in Sahakari Kharedi Vikri Sangh Ltd’ as a salesperson. Besides that Godse had to make himself to fund his education. He used to pick up works like a laborer or vegetable vendor etc.

“A Negative Mind would Never Give you a Positive Life.”

Nitin Godse wished to progress in life and accomplish a little world of his own. Shortly after graduation, he entered employment as a Supervisor in Okay Industries. There came a time where he realized that there will not be any growth and won’t be able to move further in office and that’s where he decided to do master’s course to succeed and move ahead. He completed his master’s degree course from Pune University. After completing his post graduation, he got a job offer from Vishnu Priya Agro Industries. The corporate was into new vegetable selling.

The corporate had bright concepts of stigmatization vegetables and mercantilism it within the market as clean and hygienically vegetables. As a farmer’s son and with large data in it, Nitin was instantly interested in it. Inside a brief span of your time, Nitin set to start out the same reasonable business. Nitin’s dream has continuously been to become a successful business person right from the start.

From Rags To Riches: A True Inspirational Story Of Nitin Godse\

The struggle begins

Work hard in Silence, let your Success be your Noise.”

To show his dream into reality, he started his own business however funding was a drag. Finally, one best-known person endowed five lakhs rupees in his company. His business began to bloom. He would get on his feet within the morning, carry different severe vegetables from the market, then within the afternoon he would return to the market clean it and cut the vegetables and place them in covers of his whole.

This was arduous for him, and he didn’t receive any share of the company or any profit that he was entitled to. So, he had to stop working his own business and was forced to affix another job to sustain this resource. At that time of your time, an in-depth friend of Nitin helped in obtaining his employment in an exceedingly company that created industrial gas.

Things changed with the passage of time

He was appointed as a selling Manager within the company. He regained self-worth and need to travel across the country throughout those three years. However, his dream was still there in back of his mind

He never gave up on his thoughts`. He again started with zero and worked harder this time and tried not to repeat the mistakes and applied more different strategies. He began with Excel Gas and Equipment and took it new standards an excelled in that field. Today, the turnover of the corporate is touching Rs 25 crores and therefore the company has one hundred fifty staff on its payroll.

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Remember your sacrifices, your hard work, and your dedication will culminate in your bright future. Never give up after a failure. Sit back, relax, think, plan and then execute it. Defeat is always temporary. Consistent good performance can do wonders and help you succeed in all the fields.
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