Shocking! How this Indian women managed to qualified as FIFA Referee

By: Team | July 2, 2017
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Shocking! How this Indian women managed to qualified as FIFA Referee

Rupa Devi- Qualified as a FIFA referee a true motivational success of women

Shocking! How this Indian woman managed to qualified as FIFA Referee – Success isn’t a destination; it’s a continuous journey, which involves dedication and learning from failure. Here’s a motivational story of Rupa Devi, a football player from Tamil Nadu who got selected as the first women referee from India by FIFA. Rupa is a passionate footballer and started the game as a 6th class student.

Initial Journey of the young footballer

Rupa Devi then started playing the game at the school level and eventually played at the junior level in the district tournaments. She was in a deep love for the game and eventually joined a football federation in the year 2006, who sponsored her studies as well as numerous national level matches. Furthermore, the young footballer continued her game and improved her skills by playing several tournaments in the college and also participated in various national level football tournaments.

Various Obstacles in the Journey to becoming a Referee

Life was not easy for Rupa as she got the job as a teacher after completing her graduation, but had to face some obstacles. Her job didn’t allow her to participate and focus on the game so she decided to quit the job and started focusing on the game instead. Moreover, Rupa Devi lost her mother in the year 2010 due to a severe heart attack, and also lost her father in the year 2011 due to high blood pressure. These incidents eventually made her weak from inside and also affected the financial state of the home as her brother was working out of the town and her sister was married. According to Rupa, she supported herself after her father’s death and her friends and association cooperated in this difficult time.

Rupa Devi as a FIFA Referee- short and motivational story on women's day

How Rupa turned her problems into an Opportunity to prove herself

This phase of her life gave her a motivation to become a referee and her senior referees insisted her to become a referee, and she joined a course for referee training in the year 2012. Rupa never looked back after that, and she managed numerous games as a referee. Apart from this, she managed to get a chance to serve as a referee in the West Asia Tournament held in Sri Lanka, and also the leading referee in the Senior Women Nationals held at Jabalpur, MP.

Life was going quite well for Rupa and she took the FIFA examination, and to her luck, she got selected by FIFA. She said in an interview- It was entirely unbelievable for her and she gave all the credit to her friends and associates who have been motivating and supporting her since her teenage.

Living the life to the fullest by serving others

She is a true inspiration for the youth of India and she is perhaps the only women referee to qualify for the FIFA. Besides her game, she loves to train students who are also interested in the game and provided them proper support to improve their game. She says that women should also get equal opportunities as there are little facilities and opportunities for women as compared to men in India.


Circumstances either break you or make you! Rupa Devi has proved that it is the hard-work and dedication that can take you closer towards your dreams. All you need is to invoke your full strength and overcome every circumstance that may act as a hurdle in your path.

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