From living in a small hut in a village to owning an apartment in Jubilee Hills, here’s a truly inspirational story of MM Rao.

By: Team | November 11, 2017
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From living in a small hut in a village to owning an apartment in Jubilee Hills, here’s a truly inspirational story of MM Rao.

Mannem Madhusudana Rao inspirational Journey.

How many times have we actually thought about creating success quotes of our own?  It’s people like Mannam Madhusudhan Rao, who actually go on to create quotes from their success stories.  Born in a poor and uneducated family of laborers in Palukuru village in Andhra Pradesh’s Prakasam district, Rao’s story is one truth about jumping at the right opportunity at the right time. Belonging to a Dalit (working class) family, Rao never shied away from hard work of any type.

Hardships and Initial Years:

With an educational background of a diploma at a Polytechnic, he struggled in his initial days owing to the scarcity of jobs for engineers. A situation that remains the same for many engineers even today. While the youths today tend to wait for a perfect opportunity, Rao didn’t wait and started construction work with his brother in Hyderabad, digging trenches to lay cables.  In addition to this, he also started working as a security guard so that he can financially support his family. Now with a technical educational background many of today’s youth may look down upon a menial work of security job, but Rao never let his ego come between his zeal to earn money and support his family’s bad economic situation.

In the initial days, he started by providing labor services on a contractual basis to various telecom giants like Vodafone and Tata Teleservices and at the peak of his business, maintained 32,000 kilometers of optic fibers across as many as five different states. Currently, MMR group has expanded his business into sectors like software, construction, infrastructure, and mining and has 20 successful companies in each of these sectors.


It all started with luck

Sometimes in addition to your hard work, luck also plays an important role in your success. Rao’s  success story started one day when while waiting for a job interview, he chanced upon hearing an executive talk regarding the immediate need of workers for laying some cables. Rao with his contacts offered to provide the required number of laborers thereby earning a profit of Rs 25,000 on his first job. This, in turn, motivated him to start his own business venture. This was the foundation of MMR Group.

Rao recently met Prime Minister Modi to discuss the need of reservations in procurement by public sector units by SC/ST which so far exists only on paper. A photo of that meeting published by a local news daily adorns the wall of his parents’ house who still live in their home village. Though they’re quite proud of their son now, initially they wanted him to give up his business ventures and join a government job up till a very recent time owing to risks involved in entrepreneurship. But now with their son building houses for them, as well as buying agricultural land in their village, they have come around.

Mannem Madhusudana Rao's inspiring life journey


Sometimes poverty in itself makes life full of agony and hardships. While normal people often give up soon but Rao never gave up his ideals and perseverance and continued to do any odd jobs that he could get his hands on.  This is what makes his class apart. Rao stands as an inspiration for those upcoming entrepreneurs who are just at the starting points of their start-ups. Rao’s story is an example that no matter what your educational or financial background may be if you have the will to become successful then you would definitely make your own way.
References : Business Standard

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