Abraham Boby Singh A Motivational Story of an Indian bagging the title of Mr. World!

By: Team | July 28, 2017
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Abraham Boby Singh A Motivational Story of an Indian bagging the title of Mr. World!

Abraham Boby Singh

Dreams only come true if you have the courage to pursue them! Born and brought up in Imphal West, Manipur, Abraham Boby Singh is one of the finest body builders across the globe.

The 37-year-old won his first Mr. World title in 2010 and then till date, he bagged 3 Mr. Asia, 5 Mr. World, and 12 Mr. India titles.

Success never comes easy!

Belonging from LilongChanjingMairenkhongLeikai, Abraham Singh comes from a humble background and was 5th of the six siblings. He lost his father at a very young age and was brought up by his mother. Abraham Singh did not become a body builder in just one day. It took years of hard work, courage, patience, and struggle.

During his struggling period, he had to go through much hardships- lack of diet, money constraints, no mentors, and the daily struggle for a living. The difficulties stayed up with him in multiples and he could only complete his study up to matriculation.

But, the spirit of this sportsman never died during his formative phase and his passion landed him up in Sports Authority of India as a gymnast. Started as a gymnast his ladder of success was not easy, as it seemed too! Beginning off as an acrobatic in 1989-90, he became a 100m and 200m sprinter and then joined SashtraSeemaBal under the sports quota in 1993.

Abraham Boby Singh - Body Builder

Journey to being Mr. Manipur

Well, being a sprinter was not the end of his journey. He joined SSB in 1993 and then shifted to body building practices in 1995 and won the title of Junior Mr. Manipur with his dedication and hard work.

After achieving the junior title, Boby did not stop and took training under Yaiskul Singh at the YBB gym in Kiyamgei.

Achievements did not stop for Abraham Boby Singh!

The following year, he also clichéd the title of Mr. Manipur too! Later on, after seeking a potential in him to excel, Mr. Shambu from Indian Railways also made him join the railways in 1997 and following this, he also became Mr. India for the first time in 1998. At first, he could not win a medal in the first body building championship in 2003, rest is a history.


Today he proudly acknowledged his mother, his first coach, and his current coach from India Railways for his success. Despite his achievements in the International arena, he still has not forgotten his humility and roots.

The story of Abraham Boby Singh leaves us motivated as well as astonished. If you too have a body-building dream, take a step ahead of the odds and reach for it!

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