Meet the 1st Indian Woman wrestler in WWE, Kavita Devi a former Police Officer and Powerlifting Champion!

By: Team | October 14, 2017
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Meet the 1st Indian Woman wrestler in WWE, Kavita Devi a former Police Officer and Powerlifting Champion!

“Determine What you want and Why you want it. Once you understand what’s important, you can utilize your Passions and achieve anything” – Brooke Griffin

Kavita Devi, the 1stIndian WWE woman wrestler who was a former powerlifting champion was born on 1983 in Malvi village, Jind District, Haryana. The 34-year wrestler was known for her nickname ‘Hard KD’. She became the 4th wrestler from India in WWE after Tiger Jeet Singh, Great Kali, and JinderMahal by making her debut in the Mae Young Classic Women’s Tournament.

An Early Highlight of her Life

Born in a village family Kavita was greatly discouraged by many people in her village for competing in a sport like a powerlifting. She often heard a lot of voices advising her family and saying, “Girls shouldn’t be allowed to go out and advised her parents to get her married.”But her family especially her brother and her husband(Gaurav Tomar- Volleyball Player) supported her and were instrumental in getting her through everything she achieved.

After winning Gold in the South Asian Games in 2016 and many other medals in the national and internal arena, she didn’t get the recognition she wanted and it’s never been satisfying for her winning medals. So, she started looking for a sword that could help her to pursue something nobody has ever done before.

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Some lesser known facts about Kavita

  • She left her job as a Sub Inspector of Police at the Armed Border Forces to pursue her dreams
  • As a woman, she fought against the typical mindsets of the society
  • Kavita Devi started training at the Great Kali’s Continental Wrestling Entertainment at Jalandhar
  • During her training, she beat BB BulBul, who was the 1st Indian Pro Women Wrestler
  • Kavita learned to perform for the crowd which they call the “Showmanship”
  • KD learned everything from gymnastics to mixed martial arts

 Kavita then became a part of WWE Dubai tryout and with her outstanding performance in the trials, she was among the 32 probably selected for the Mae Young Classic. Glamour and strength never stopped her which is mostly seen in the WWE women wrestling. She believed that she has the technique, skills, and strength and it is not as much as about looks as it is about the fan following, which she can get if succeeded.

“Costume can’t stop an Indian woman from playing on the world stage” –Kavita Devi

In 2017, she made her debut to the WWE at the Mae Young Classic and entered the ring wearing a traditional salwar kurta. She fought against the New Zealand wrestler Dakota Kai. Kavita performed well and was in the lead. Unfortunately, she lost the match but won the hearts of her fellow Indians across the globe. The match video went viral and she became a celebrity overnight.

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She designed a life she loved without limiting herself because of others imagination. So, never limit yourself and be the one who can change the cant’s into the cans and dreams into plans. The path might look difficult but never give up, as it leads to beautiful destinations.

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